Interviews Allow Students to Introduce Each Other

This is Yesenia Perez. She was interviewed by Josephine Camara. This is Josephine Camara. She was interviewed by Yesenia Perez

My Classmate Yesenia

     Yesenia is a courageous and nice person who has passed challenges in her past and learning from the past always made her a focused person. Are you excited to know more about this mysterious girl? Then let’s get started here.
     First, Yesenia was born in the Dominican Republican in Puerto Plataon June 8, 1987. Her life was difficult for a girl at her age at that time because her youth wasn’t as exiting as the others girls’. It started with the death of her grandmother with whom she had a great relationship. Her grandmother died from bone cancer. She was 8 years old when her father left. He left because he had a fight with her mother for another woman. So, she felt really bad about that because she didn’t have a complete family to raise her (oh! Life). Yesenia’s cousin also died and she cried a lot and stayed alone at home.
     But, as the time passed, she became the same girl again. After that, her friend had an accident when she was in her grandmother’s house. It happened that when her friend was playing with a lit candle, the candle fell down on the table. The tablecloth caught fire and the sparks burned him on the chest and on the arm.
     However, she continued to study and do well in school no matter what happened she graduated from computer class in 2000. She got lots of presents and a diploma too. Then, she moved to the United States to keep going in school. The English was very difficult for her because she never learned it before. Also she was a volunteer in the hospital because she did not want to see people suffer anymore from accidents. This made her braver.
     Yesenia is a girl who has known much suffering in her life but who I think will be happy in the USA and she really deserves it.

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