You Should Visit Guinea


   Are you ready to travel or to visit a new place and see new things? All right. My name is Jean Paul, the writer. I am from Guinea. Guinea is located in West Africa. The Ivory Coast and Senegal are in the north. Sierra Leone border is in the south. The Atlantic Ocean is in the east. Our capital is called Conakry.
      Let me tell you about our history. My country Guinea was a free country from the French beginning October 2, 1958. We have our own flag of red, yellow and green. The red color means the blood of our ancestors; the yellow means the wealth like diamonds; and the green signifies our green forests and plants.
      In Guinea there are many mountains that every year lots of tourists come to see and take pictures of. The most famous mountain is the Nimba, about 1752 meters high or more. You can also visit the river named Niger that passes through my country and forests.
      About the sound, our native dance is Sabar. You must be attractive and more energetic. In the night clubs there are different kinds of music like Zook, reggae, and the Hip Hop. In the capital there are sound of noisy cars and trucks. In the villages, chickens are the clocks in the morning. About 6:00 a.m. they start to make noise so people can wake up by their noisy sound. In the night mosquitos on the ground or in the trees start their conversations.
      The most popular food in Guinea is rice. There are many kinds of ways people prepare rice. Some of them that I know are risgra and soupe. The soupe is spicy and hot. We also have bananas, apples and many pineapples. But we don’t have all fruits from different countries like grapes.
The smell of the flowers is like perfume. But in the capital the smoke of cars and factories pollute the air and smell bad.
      Finally, you can do visit the capital and take pictures of things that you are going to liketo see.
You can also fly to different regions and you can climb the mountains. You even can go fishing, ride on the horse or visit our museum.
      In conclusion: This is only what I can say about my country, but come there and find out because there are a lot of things to see. I know if you come to my country, you are going to enjoy your vacation.
We’re waiting for you!

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