Mexico: A Beautiful Country to Be From and to Visit

There are many beautiful parks in Mexico like this one near Distrito Federal.


       If you want to go to my country you can see many beautiful things. However you need a lot of time because Mexico is a big country, bigger than Ecuador and bigger than El Salvador. So you will need a lot of money, too. When you feel ready it’s time to come to Mexico and get to know this beautiful country.
      When you travel to Mexico you need to choose the city. Guanajuato has many beautiful things, but Cancun has beaches and many hotels, so you need to select the first city. To enjoy delicious Mexican food like tacos, tortas ahogadas , enchiladas, chiles rellenos, and the traditional tequila go to Jalisco. I also think you should go to Guadalajara. There you can see many crafts and, if you want, you can buy beautiful pictures. In Guadalajara you can find a place called Tonola. This place is full of crafts and many different foods. If you like a diversion, you need to go to Magic Jungle.
      In Mexico you can find many beautiful songs like, rancheras, pop, or mariachis. In Mexico el Distrito Federal is the city of the artists. Televisa is a program and a big place where all the artists go and they do commercials, soap operas, and they sing many beautiful songs. Don’t forget to visit the museums and enjoy the pyramids. For all the guys who want to have girlfriends, here you can find many beautiful ladies and the prettiest cities to enjoy with your partner.
      Come to see this beautiful country and you will not regret this trip. Remember to visit my house in Guadalajara. I hope you will.

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