Take TOFEL and SAT Prep

Ms.Tomesek helps students prepare for the TOEFL exam.

     Have you heard about TOEFL Prep before? Would you like to know more about it? If you want to profit from TOEFL Prep, you probably need to pay attention for the next 20 minutes by reading my article.
     What is TOEFL Prep? TOEFL is the Test Of English as a Foreign Language. The purpose of the exam is to test nonnative speakers of English in their use and understanding of North American English as it is spoken, written and heard in college and university settings. Most people who take the TOEFL test are planning to study at colleges and universities where instruction is in English. Also, many governments and scholarship programs use TOEFL score to estimate English ability.
     Do we need to pay for the TOEFL Test? Yes, we need to pay $130 to take the TOEFL test. Currently, you can receive $75 from the school by filling out an application to see if you quality for the fee waiver. Where are you going to get another $75? The ETS (Educational of Testing Serive) can help you to pay another $75. You must complete another application for the ETS fee waiver. As a result, you might be able to take the test without any payments.
     What is the process of the TOEFL test? Students taking the test will take the Computer-Based test. There are four sections of the test and each section has a time limit. Normally, the first section is listening, which tests the ability to understand spoken English. The second section is structure and expression, which measures your ability and knowledge of grammar. The third section is reading, which estimates your understanding of nontechnical material like readings found in textbooks. The last section is the writing section, which tests studentsÕ writing in English on an assigned topic.
     In my TOEFL class, we are reviewing English grammar, reading, listening and writing. Most of this we learned in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Level 1, 2 and 3. We are also practicing test-taking strategies to help us finish the entire test. TOEFL is a class recommended for students in ESOL Level 4 & 5, and should be taken by 11th and 12th graders. TOEFL Prep is a one semester class. Ms.Tomesek, the TOEFL Prep teacher, recommends that students take the TOEFL class one semester and the SAT Prep (Scholastic Aptitude Test) class for the other semester.
     Therefore, is it neccesary to take SAT? Yes, the SAT should be taken by the students who are applying to colleges and universities. The SAT has 3 sections: verbal (English), math (algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2) and writing (grammar and an essay). It is important to take the SAT because ESOL students need the math score from the SAT. Even though you might get a lower score on the SAT-Verbal and essay sections, your TOEFL score will tell colleges and universities that you are an English Language learner. If you are planning to go to college or university, you should take both the SAT and TOEFL.
     When you choose your courses for next year, sign up to take the TOEFL Prep class and the SAT Prep, a course open to all Blair 11th graders. (Grade 12 ESOL students can also take it.)
Come on, Blazers! TOEFL is the key to help you open the door to your success.

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