Going to a New School Isn’t Easy

     My name is Sarah. I was going to Parkdale High School in Princes George Country. My family moved because my mother said that the house where we were living was too small. We started moving on a Saturday morning. I was so mad because it was my birthday.
     On Monday my mother told me that she found a house in Montgomery Country. I was really mad then because I knew that Montgomery Country is very far from my school.
     When I went to school, I didn’t want to say a word to my friends about moving. But I had to tell them, so I did. My friends were so mad about it, but what could I do? I gave them my new phone number and address. On Tuesday my mother told me that I had to wrap up all my school business and do things that I had to do with teachers, friends, and others.
     When I started at Blair, I was miserable. The school was two times bigger than Parkdale High School. I had to start everything all over again.
     The biggest thing that was hard to do in Blair was to make friends and find my classes. Making new friends was hard because I had to start everything over, like getting to know my friends. Finding my classes was also hard because the school is so big.
     It is not the same now because I’m getting used to it – my new teachers, new friends, and also new subjects. But there are some good things, too, because I got to meet new people and learn new things.
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