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My Country Is Vietnam

     Vietnam is located in Asia. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the east and the south. In the west, Vietnam borders Cambodia and Laos. In the North, Vietnam borders with China. Vietnam is a tropical country with two main seasons. Vietnam has many holidays. They are Independence Day, New Year’s Day, Moon Holiday, etc. The people in Vietnam are called Vietnamese.
     Our skin is yellow. The Vietnamese use two calendars: one is a Chinese calendar and another is the regular world calendar.
     In Vietnam I went to school for 5 hours every day. I studied math, music, English, computers, science, art and reading. I liked math the best. My teacher was Mr. Dung. He was a nice man. I learned many things from him. I didn’t eat lunch at school. I went to school from 6:30 to 11:30.

Puerto Rico

     Puerto Rico is a tropical island in the Caribbean with beautiful places. It is part of the United States. The temperature is between 75 F and 90 F, so it is warm all year round. There are many fantastic beaches.
     In the northeast of the island there is a damp forest with tall and dwarf trees. This damp forest is called “El Yunque.” In the southwest there is the Dry Forest where there are different kinds of cacti. In the middle of the island there is a mountain range from east to west. At night in Puerto Rico you can hear the sound of the “coqui.” The coqui is a little frog that lives only in Puerto Rico.
     There are three races in Puerto Rico: Indian, African, and Spanish. All three races see each other as one group of people. Everybody is equal; there is no discrimination against other people. All races work together, live and have parties together. The people are cooperative and they are religious and good people.
In my opinion, Puerto Rico has many interesting places. In Puerto Rico you can go to the beach and different rivers.

My Country China
     My country is China. China is an old civilization. My country’s capital is Beijing. My country has 56 races. My country has many famous landscapes and they have the Great Wall. In my country they speak many languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, and Fu Zhou and many others. I like my country China.
In my country I go to school at 7:10 am. At 4:45 pm, we go home. In my country 5-year-olds go to elementary school, 8-year-olds do to middle school, 14-year-olds do to high school. At the school everybody wears uniforms, and speaks Mandarin. In the house we speak Fu Zhou.

     At the school I learn math, history, geography, music, and Mandarin art. I liked my Mandarin teacher because she was very nice. Her name was Wu Weiying. She taught me how to read and write very well. My teacher Weiying had long black hair. She had black eyes. I miss her very much.

I Am From Peru
     I came from Peru which is in South America. The neighbors are Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile, and the Pacific Ocean borders Peru is on the west.
The Independence Day is very important for us, it is on July 28. On this day all over the country there are parades and others activities for the Independence Day celebrations. Peru has 3 regions, the coastal region, mountain range, and tropical forest. The most famous place is Macchu Picchu and it is in Cuzco. The climate is tropical all year. In the mountains the weather is tropical, but sometimes there is snow on the highest mountains and there is a lot of rain. Amazonas is a rain forest. There are many tribes in that part of the country, and they have a lot of tourists too.
     In Peru we speak Spanish and Quechua. The people who live in the mountains wear different clothes than people in other regions because the weather is very cold. There are many kinds of delicious food. Some of the food is cooked over a fire and others are cooked in the kitchen, such as papa la huancaina, aji de gallina, and many others. There are many kinds of music but one of the most typical is El Folklore.
     In my country there are many things that you can do, but in the U.S.A there are more opportunities such as education, health care and other careers so you can be a professional person. Most of the people think life here is easy, but life here is difficult if you are far away from your family and your friends.

My Country India
     First, I will tell some general information about my country. In my country from July to September there are monsoons, which would bring most of the rain we had received in this region. The travelers prefer to visit India in the winter but they must bring woolens, because at night it can be freezing cold. The most pleasant weather is from November to March.
     In the winter the rainbow comes before the monsoon and lets us know the rain is coming. The sky is cloudy and there is lightning. People like the rain because they go inside to play cards and spend time together. The rain cools the high temperature. Temperature falls more at night in the winter.
     They served breakfast and lunch in school and they had good healthy foods. For example, “sakh” spicy chicken with curry. If they had extra food, they would just give it to those people that did not have food because they were poor. Whatever the reason, we would always enjoy the food that they had there. I miss my country and will always remember my life there.

     My country is Guatemala, located in Central America. It borders Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize. In my country there are 23 languages, but now they are only speaking eleven languages. Spanish is the language that dominates in the country. In the north of Guatemala there’s a big ancient city of the Maya, it is called Tikal. In Guatemala there are many historical places to go and see. I love my country.
     The United States has changed my life for the better. I have a good education and a great place to live, but I still love my country more than here. For me, my country is the most beautiful place in the world because I have all my family there, my friends, my culture and my language. It’s very cool to celebrate Christmas at my country because you receive presents and play with firecrackers. I would like to go back to my country at the end of every year to celebrate Christmas.

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