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Why American Schools Are More Fun than Schools in Other Countries

     Most kids in ESOL think that school in America is more fun than school in other countries. A student at my school named Varun said he likes American school because he has some friends and American schools have computers. He likes American schools because his friends and his teachers are nice to him. Sometimes, he doesn’t like American schools because some people tease him. The difference between his school in his country and American school is that in his country, everybody teases others students but in America not everyone teases other people.
     Another student at my school named Lahiru said he likes American schools because the teachers are nice to him. Another reason why he likes American school is because American schools have computer. One reason why he sometimes dislikes American school is because sometimes he sees people fight. The difference between his school and American school is that the American school teachers are nice to him but teachers in his country hit students when the students do something wrong. That’s why American schools are more fun than others schools.

An Important Decision

     I will tell you about a time my parents made an important decision.
It started when my father talked to my mother about going to the United States because the situation on my country was that nobody could find a permanent job. The other reason was that my mother said was so that “my children could learn English, have a better life, a good job, better education.”
My father and my mother had to make a choice. Would they go to the United States, stay in Ecuador or go to Switzerland? My mother and my father talked about the decision very seriously. They didn’t aske us what we wanted to do. They just made the decision.
Finally the decision was to go to United States. My parents prepared everything. I thought that it was a good decision because we can have a better life in another country. We went to Maryland and a I saw that it was a good place to live and study. We were very excited.
A week later everything was fine, my father was the only one working, but a month later my mother found a good job.
The decision was effective because my parents have good jobs. My mother is happy. My father is working. My sister and I learned how to speak English. The only thing that we miss everyday is our family, my grandparents and my house. We don’t have family in this country.


How to Have Fun and Be Safe in New School

Is it hard to be in a new school without any friends? Is it hard to be safe around new kids? Yes, it is quite difficult to go to a new school without any friends but I can help you. First, when you are sitting next to somebody, try saying hi to that person and see if that works. If it doesn’t work, try somebody who is a lot nicer. If saying hi works, then congratulations, you have completed step 1.
The second step is try to ask that person if they might want to hang out with you or if they want to hang out at the mall. If they say yes, then congratulations, you have completed step 2. You have completed all my steps, but I will give you a tip: get to know you new friend or new friends before you call them your best friends good luck!
It is hard to be safe in a new school without any friends? Yes, it difficult but with these steps it will be easy to avoid the wrong crowd. Step1: Don’t make eye contact with the bully; just ignore the person who is bothering you. Step 2 If the bully threatens you or tries to beat you up, you have to tell a teacher or tell your parents and see if that works. You can also go to your guidance counselor and let him or her help you. If that works, them congratulations, you have completed all of my steps. Good luck avoiding these bullies.

How Little Children Can Learn More English

Most people in different schools have trouble learning English. I think most of the little children have a hard time learning English maybe because they don’t get enough support from their teachers or their parents.
I interviewed some little kids that are in third grade or younger. I got comments from Katherine in the third grade. She said, “I like reading books.” And she said, “The best way to learn English is people encouraging you and believing in yourself.” Katherine told me that she likes books because they are fun and they help you get better at speaking, reading, spelling and a lot of things that you do in school.
I also interviewed a girl named Rainelys. Rainelys said that the best thing about school is being with friends. Rainelys wants to learn English because when she is doing something she can correct herself. Rainelys said the best way to learn English is let the teacher say a word out loud and then let her, Rainelys, say it and then she tries to spell it and write it down. Rainelys said that she likes books. She said books help you get better at reading.
Now the last kid interviewed is Mirna. She said the best thing that she likes about school is reading books. Mirna said she wants to learn more English because she wants to learn, and read more books. Mirna said the best way to learn English is people helping you. Mirna said she likes books because they are fun. These interviews have helped me think that kids struggled a little to learn English but they think it’s also really fun.

Parents’ Decision

I am going to tell you bout the time parents had to make the decision to send me to United State to improve my English or not send me to the United States. It all started when I took the international test to go a school. Sadly I failed the test so I didn’t pass in the school. My parents really wanted me to pass this test.
My parents had to make a choice. They could keep me in France and I would go to a French school or they could send me to United States to improve my English and I could retake the test next year.
My parents made a decision. They decided to send me to the United States to improve my English. Like that I could retake the test next year. That made them sad because they are not going to see me for a year, but they knew that this was the best for me.
I think decision was effective because it was best for me and I will improve my English to pass the test for next year.

How to Speak More English

There are lot of ways to speak English. One way to speak more
English is going to the computer lab. By finding Websites you
can learn more English. Another way to speak English is to sing some special songs of the days and the months. You can learn more English by learning all the vowels and by reading words in the alphabet chart and making them into sentences. And you can learn more English by hearing other people talking to their friends. Speaking more English is hard because it takes at least two years to speak English.

Different Uganda

Uganda is a good place, but a weird country to live in. Many people in Uganda like to eat grasshoppers. They are hard to catch, but when you fry them they smell and taste good. First you have to take of their legs, wings, and some people even take off their heads.
In Uganda it’s hard to buy food so we just grow crops like sugar cane, corn, and matoke, which are called plantain here. Then it takes many days for the crops to grow or ripen.
Another different thing about Uganda is that it has the world’s second largest lake, Lake Victoria, which is the most visible lake on the map of Uganda. The most common language is English. In the schools in Uganda they whip you when you do something wrong. That explains why Uganda’s a weird but unique country.

How Kids Struggle Or Do Not Struggle To Learn English

Did you know several kids struggle to learn English? For example it is hard for several kids to sound out words. It takes them one or two years to learn English. Also it is hard for them to read a book. Kids feel lonely because they can’t talk to their friends. They also feel anger because they can’t talk English. Every kid struggles and does their best in everything. Some kids also had to go to ESOL. They are trying to learn whatever they can about English. And parents also help them follow their dreams to learn English.
Did you know some kids didn’t have to struggle to learn English? On the first day they learn English. It’s been easy for some kids to say the words. For example, when the teacher told them to say the word, they would say it right away. Another example is that they already knew how to write the word without any help. And some kids didn’t need any help from anyone. It took them ten days to learn English. It was just easy for them. But some kids just had a little hard time to learn English.

My Typical Day in El Salvador

In the morning I wake up. First I take a shower and brush my teeth. Next comb my hair. Then I eat breakfast. Finally I go to school.
In the afternoon I go home. First I do my homework. Next I play with my friends. Then I eat lunch. Finally I go to the park.
In the evening I help to prepare the dinner. First I watch TV. Next I play with my brother and sister. Then I go to visit my grandmother. Finally I go to bed.


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