Drawing by Quynh Nguyen
My Love

My love, I want to be yours
Forever and ever without
Breaking or decay
When all planets are still
When moon and stars break
When earth and sun will mingle
When the sea and deserts will combine
When my heart stops beating
Not till then will I pass from you.




I want to be your friend
For ever and ever without
Break or decay.
When the sun become ice
And the sky falls down,
When the elephants fly
And dinosaur comes to life.
Not till then I put from you.

A Mi Mejor Amiga

I want to be your friend forever
To share many things together.
When the sun falls from the sky,
When the oceans dry up.
When the days becames night,
And the night became day.
When the clocks run to the left.
Not till then I will leave you.


I want to be your friend until the oceans dry up.
When the sand of the ocean becomes gold or when the birds can’t fly.
When the caves became mansions.
When the flowers don’t need water or don’t smell.
When the oak trees get weak.
Not until then will I separate from you.

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