Wandlitz Students Tell Germany about Silver International

German educational video includes information about Gymnasium Wandlitz/Blair Connection

In this image from the video, the students and their teacher,Mrs. Ute Nowak, are looking at one of their articles published on Silver International's Web page.

     Many months ago our English teacher, Mrs. Nowak, came to Sarah, Katja and me and said, that a director was interested in our school's friendship to Silver International. She told us that he wanted to interview and film us while writing some articles for Nicenet (an Internet classroom that we used with students in Maryland). We were happy to hear that someone was interested in that and agreed.
At the beginning of the school year, the director, Mr. Paessler, came to our school. Katja, Sarah and I had four free lessons because of that. We met the man in our room for computer studies. Wiebke Jacob, who some of you maybe know because she visited your school in July, was also there. So we introduced ourselves to each other and talked for a while. But someone was still missing - our English teacher Mrs. Nowak. She had broken her leg in the summer holidays, but she arrived some minutes later.
     Now the main part of our meeting began. Everyone but Mr. Paessler sat down. Katja started to read from the Silver International. Wiebke and Mrs. Nowak talked quietly to each other and Sarah and I wrote some messages in Nicenet. Mr. Paessler filmed everything and gave some advice about what to do.
     After about one hour he had finished and told us that he was really happy about being there for his film project. After that successful morning for us, we talked a lot with him about his job and about his next projects for TV. But then we all had to go to our regular periods. We said good-bye to each other and everyone went on his or her way.
     We all are very proud to present your school and our school in a little film. We hope that a lot of people will watch it, and get a little view about the partnership between Wandlitz and Montgomery Blair High School.

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