Skipping Parties: More Risk Than Fun

     The sound of the music, the smell of cigarettes - students in a skipping party having fun. Many Blair students in certain groups have been to a skipping party. They have had good and bad experiences.
     In a skipping party students drink, smoke and dance. A Blair student said, "I don't remember how many skipping parties I have gone to." Students that usually go to skipping parties have many absences and because of this they lose credit in courses they miss. "I started to skip since I was in ninth grade. Now I am in tenth grade and I have gone to seven," another student said.
     The reason that students go to skipping parties is because they can experience new things. Also students invite their friends. Many students like to take risks and go for a good time.
     Most of their parents don't know about these parties, especially parents that work a lot and don't have time to look on their kids. The kids with parents like these know very well how to make teachers think that they were absent because they were sick. "I make my own excuse notes. I sign for my mom," Leila said. They do this because this is a way to not lose credit and to have more opportunities to go to another skipping party.
     In a skipping party bad things can happen. "The first skipping party was good. But I got scared because many boys were drinking and some girls were fighting," Antonia said. In a skipping party you can dance, drink and smoke. Because of this many students end up losing control and getting in fights.
     One big risk is that the police can catch you. "We were fine until my neighbor from next door called the police. They made us sit on the floor and asked why we weren't in school. The first thing that we said was that we had a half day," Johanna said. Most of the students that have gone to a skipping party have been caught by the police and by their parents.
     Students that go to skipping parties are at risk of using drugs, drinking or smoking. "I think that some people use drugs in a skipping party, I wouldn't do that, but many of my friends put pressure on me," Luis added.
     Some students think that taking the risk of going to a skipping party can influence your life. They suggest that before making a decision, people should think about the consequences and things that might occur in a skipping party.


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