New Course for Students in Wandlitz

This is not a picture of students in the new course, but it is a picture of some students in Gymnasium Wandlitz. In the front is Wiebke Jakob, getting ready to take an English test.

By Sabine Tausch

Gymnasium Wandlitz has started a new geography course that will be taught in English. Here is some information about it.
By Sabine Tausch
     The course, which has existed since the beginning of this school year, consists of eleven people including our two English and Geography teachers Mrs. Dietze and Mr. Scharlau. Everything started with our headmaster making official that the next 9th form could choose a bilingual course composed of Geography and English as an optional subject. So, 9 people did.
     The particularity is that (together with the English subject) it is the only subject in which we have to speak English all the time during the lessons and also we have two teachers. Most of the lessons are demanding and sophisticated but we get a lot of information and there is no lesson without laughing and fun. Our first topic was about the surface of the earth. We had to learn a lot of vocabulary and their meanings like “divide,” “delta,” “tributary,” and “plateau.”
     The next was orientation on our earth, then climate and history of our earth. During our holidays, everyone had to prepare an oral presentation about a country. We could choose our own. It was hard but also fun to find out interesting things about the country we chose and to listen to the other one’s presentations. We are sure that this course will help us to improve our English and provide a lot of interesting new geographical facts.

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