Our First Day in a United States High School

    By: Mabelin Acosta

      Let me tell you and how my first day was here. It was in March 2001. I was so happy, but at the same time little bit sad because I had no friends and the most important, I didn't know English. You know it was really difficult. I just asked why it is happening to me. I got lost three times.
     The first person that I met was Isis Flores. She was so friendly and nice.
But I know my life is so different now. First, I have a lot of friends from different countries. I can understand a little bit of English. I don't get lost anymore. I am so happy. Now I like my school.

By Ludovic Mbock
     One year ago I opened Blair’s door for my first time. If you knew how I was you’d laugh. When I was walking in the hallway, I saw a teen as tall as I am. Then she said hello to me and I didn’t say anything back to her because I didn’t know what to say. My voice was stuck inside my neck and my tongue couldn’t move. My brothers and I were walking together.
     Then I heard the bell. It was the second period. Kids were coming from everywhere. Some looked at me like I was crazy or a stranger. I was so scared
     I went to my class with a girl who led me to the door. I went to the teacher and showed her a paper without any talking. I sat and I was scared with those Spanish kids.
     In that class everybody was speaking Spanish except three of us. I was hiding my face from the other students. Then the bell rang and everybody went out. I asked the teacher, “Where am I going now?” Then she said to lunch.
     While I was walking in the hallway, I was scared. A boy came in front of me and asked, “Can I have your planner?” I put my shoulder up and said no. That day I didn’t eat my lunch. The bell rang and I went home with my brothers and we talked about how the school was.
     Now I am an expert. I want to get higher and higher.

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