Love Can Be Sweet and It Can Be Sour


by Julieta Lopez

     In February many people think and talk about love, but what is love? Many people especially teenagers think that they know what the word love means.
      Many teenagers think love is all about feeling butterflies in your stomach. But Aaron Slaughter, an 11th grade student, expressed it more seriously by saying "Love is the feeling of emotion that you get when you're sure that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with a person and make sure that you will do all in your power to keep them happy and safe."
     For some people love can be beautiful and sweet as honey, but for others love can be painful and sour. Mr. Mogge, a history teacher, gave his experience about love. "Love is the best feeling that a human being can have, especially if you share that love with somebody else." Mr. Mogge married his love when he was 25. He said that he was old enough to know what he was doing.
     An 18-year-old boy who wants to remain anonymous gave his experience about love. He said that love is the most horrible feeling that can happen to somebody. "Loves make you suffer, cry, and sometimes even feel hateful," he said.
     When he was 16, he fell in love with a girl who was older than he was. They went out for one year, "but it ended like always," he said, "in tears and pain." He thinks love is good only for family and friends. But if it is for a relationship, he won't recommend it.
People like this boy believe that love can "kill." It can hurt really bad. Most would agree that its important to take care of your heart and know the person you are giving it to.
     Mr. Clay, a technology teacher, said that love is like a contract. In a contract you give and you receive. To sign a contract you have read what it says, so you can sign it, but most teenagers at this time don't really know what this contract says and they just sign it.
     Who knows why they do it, maybe because of "love," or maybe because of their feelings. But what they do not know is that once they sign it, they have a big risk of losing what they want to win.

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