What’s Next after High School?

By Evelyn Canales
     The day is approaching when all high school seniors take the first leap to independence, when choices must be made, and when every step taken counts for the future that lies ahead. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it seems. Making the right choice is difficult because there are so many paths that one can take. Through the halls of Blair High School most seniors are preparing themselves for whatever comes next.
     Some have already decided what they’re going to do, but others are still in the dark when it comes to choosing the right path to take. It’s hard to decide what to do when there are so many choices to choose from, “I know what college I’m going to, but I don’t know what I’m going to major in because there are so many careers to choose from,” explained Rosemeari Calegary.
     But some seniors, like Yesika Rodriguez, are still unable to decide. “I don’t know what to do. I want to continue studying, but I also want to work. And if I work, I won’t be able to study at the same time because I need the money,” explained Rodriguez.
     Rodriguez is not the only senior who is still undecided even though it’s late to still be thinking about this.      Grecia Bartolo is another senior who is still unsure. “I don’t know because I plan to work so I might not go to college. I have to work because my family needs my help. I might work for three years then go to college,” Bartolo explained.
     According to Blair’s counselor Jennifer Taylor, most seniors choose to go to college or a university after high school. But then they face the problem of what college or university they should attend. To find information about college, seniors consult their school counselors, research the Internet for information, or they talk to the school career advisor.
     Others like junior Erin Long have other plans, such as going to study out of the country. “I want to take a year off and then go to college, but either way it’s going to be abroad,” Long said.
     Other than college, there are other options to choose from. There are vocational schools that provide American youth with training designed to prepare them for the work place. There are technical schools which help students develop the skills and knowledge in the work field of technology, such as ITT Technical School. There are also secretarial, auto tech, and cosmetology schools that are popular.
     One well-known vocational program is the Job Corps. It offers job programs and is paid for by the government. “I plan to go to the Job Corps for a year, then move to Georgia. I’ll go to college there,” explained Rashieda Lake a Blair junior.
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