Parents Need to Help

By Mohammed Kayati
    It is normal in a lot of cultures for parents to support and communicate with their children to make them successes in their future.
    Some parents talk to their children about success. Abdul is a parent of an 11th grader. “I talk to them [my children] every day about school and their problems at school,” he said.
Parents also check up on their children. Sadia, a mom of three children, said, “I make sure that they are doing their homework after school.”
    Same students are satisfied with their parents’ involvement in their lives.” Fatim, a junior, said, “I like how they communicate with me because they care and they just want the best for me.”
“My parents do the best they can to give me the tools that I need,” senior Evelyn said.
“My parents are going to give money for college,” senior Gobe said.
    Some parents are strict with their children and want to make sure they are doing the right thing. “I ground them when the do something they are not supposed to do,” Maria, a parent of two children said. She also added, “I make sure that his friends are the right friends to be with.”
    Parents support their children for different reasons. “I support my children to make them successes and be the best they can be in their future,” Sadia said. Paul, a father of a twelve-year-old boy and a fifteen-year-old girl said,” I want them to work hard now and relax later.”
    But not all parents support their children. “My father never, talks to me about school,” Jessica said. She also doesn’t think he will help her go to college. Jessica works part time to collect money for her college. She dislikes how her father communicates with her. “He never tries,” she said.
    Little communication between Jessica and her father affects Jessica’s future. “I think if my father communicates with me more, it will change my life,” Jessica explained.
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