Bio Poems

by Students in Takoma Park M.S.

Quit, skinny, and friendly
Sister of Karen
Lover of puppies, Ecuador, and beach
Who feels happy, sometimes sad, and funny
Who needs family, air, and food
Who fears tests, snipers, and storms
Who gives time, surprises, and ideas
Who would like to see my country, Europe and islands of Galapagos

Fat, cool, serious, lazy
Brother of Marisela
Lover of science, computers, technology
Who feels, happy, sad, sleepy
Who needs family, fun, and technology
Who fears death, lions, and scary movies
Who gives help, time for my homework, love to my family
Who would like to see, my self in a good college, working in a new computer, speaking English well.

Nice, funny, chubby student
Brother of Amhea
Who loves swimming, basketball and his mom
Who needs love, friends and a mom
Who fears death, chickens and my mom
Who gives love, pencils and info
Who would love to see Pluto, Ethiopia and my brother Yared.
Resident of Silver Spring

Beautiful, smart, crazy, lousy
Sister of Ketia
Lover of country, mom, eating
Who feels special, lovable, smart
Who needs love, family, friends
Who fears dark, death, animals
Who gives happiness, gifts, love
Who would like to see mom, family and the moon.
Resident of Takoma Park

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