El Salvador Is a Beautiful Place

The students in Ms. Tomesek's ESOL 2 class wrote essays about the sights, sounds, smells, tastes of their countries. Here is small part of what three students wrote about El Salvador

By Lisandro Gomez
     In El Salvador we speak Spanish. The weather in my country is very hot. I used to live in front of an island. That island was surrounded by a lake. That lake had big fish and its water was clear. Around that island there were many trees. And if you like to swim, this is for you. There was a big tree where you can climb and then jump into the water. Of course if you want to go fishing you can do it, too.
     In my country there are beautiful beaches too. Like "Las Tunas" that is a famous beach in El Salvador. In Las Tunas you can eat every kind of fish you want. And if you like crabs, you can catch them with your hands in the water.
     Where I used to live there were many mountains. Behind my house there was a big mountain covered with big , green trees. People go to work in the mountains every single day. One time when they were working they found a baby tiger.

By Deysi Hernandez
     In El Salvador you can smell the flowers when it is raining outside. The smell is strong. You can smell the food when people are making pupusas, tacos, beans with platanos. And also you can smell the grass when it is wet.
In El Salvador you can feel the long grass when you go to the park in the mountains. Your skin itches when you touch it. At the zoo you can touch the animals. They feel soft and some feel rough.
     I will tell you about sounds in my country. In the morning you will hear some birds singing. They are so noisy, you feel like you want to kill the birds. In the city you can also hear the noise of the cars. On Fridays you can hear more cars in the streets. They sound loud with their horns. Also you can hear the sounds of airplanes when they fly over houses.

By Vanessa Sorto

     In El Salvador, if you go to the farm, you can hear when the rooster crows in the morning. You hear beautiful birds singing and other animals. You hear the river and some music. The typical music in El Salvador is the Cumbia.
     In El Salvador there are many jobs. Some people work in the farm and they work very hard. They grow food like corn, beans, rice, watermelon, and other melons. They grow coffee, cotton, and sugar, too. They take care of animals like cows, bulls, roosters, chickens, horses and then sell them to other people. These people pay a lot of money for that. Other people work as teachers and doctors. And some people lay in some sports like soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, and other sports.

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