A Comparison of My School in Mexico and Blair H.S.

By Grecia Bartolo
     I came to the U.S when I was in 8th grade. At first I thought school here would be very different from my school called Justo Sierra in Mexico. But at Blair it was not as different as I expected.
     In Mexico, we honored our country each Monday by singing The National Song. We wanted to show how proud we felt to be Mexicans and to attend school. In Blair we pledge to the flag every day.
     Another thing that was easy for me is the school ID. The ID is one requirement that both places A Comparison of My School in Mexico and Blair H.S. have. In Mexico teachers were standing in the door of the school. They were checking the ID's. The cost of the ID in Mexico was five pesos. Here I have to pay five dollars if I lose my ID. Also here in the U.S teachers always look for the ID's when students get to their classes.
     In Mexico we had to move to another classroom to take another subject. Also the teachers were not the same. I used to take four classes per day. Here at Blair we have different teachers for different subjects. We take four classes per day, just like in Mexico.
     Another similarity is the career education programs. Here in the U.S we have a program at Edison High School. This program is made to help the students learn jobs for their future. In Mexico we had a program just like it. I used to take electricity. I was the only girl in the electricity program. Our job was to learn how to be electricians.
     The size of my school in Mexico was medium. The building was three floors. The big walls that surrounded my school were painted with red and blue colors. In Blair we have three floors, too.
     One very different thing is the way that the system worked with the students. All students that wanted to attend my school had to pass a very hard test because Justo Sierra was one of the most important schools in the state. For students to be accepted in Justo Sierra was a privilege.
     My middle school was 7th to 9th grade. For each grade there were 12 groups or classes. The students were placed according to their intelligence into classes with a letter name. The first six groups were A through F. They were supposed to go to school in the morning. The second group was G trough L and they had to attend school in the afternoon. The smartest students were placed on the first five alphabet letters. The total number of classes at the school was 36. In each class there were about 35 students. Since I started my 7th grade I was placed in 7th G.
     When I came to the U.S. I found out that the system is different. For example I didn't take a test to prove my intelligence.
     Another difference is the food. We didn't have a cafeteria and also there was no free or reduced price lunch. We had to buy food at the school store. It was expensive but delicious. My favorite lunch was tacos and tortas. We used to eat outdoors on the tables near the garden.
     The library of my school was small with computers, but not too many. Most of the students preferred to go to the public libraries.
     The schedule is another difference. In my school in Mexico, we didn't have odd and even days. The classes were taken based on the relation between the subjects.
I learn many things from both schools and I am still finding many similarities and differences. I always keep learning. I miss my old school and friends, but I like this school too.
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