A Student from Germany Visits Blair and DC Area

By Wiebke Jakob, Gymnasium Wandlitz

Wiebke Jakob Norma Menjivar, Julmira le,and Quyen Nguyen during her visit to Blair in July,2003.

 My parents and I had planned to visit the USA this past summer. We could not decide whether to go to Boston or to Las Vegas. Because I had been in contact with the Silver International staff, I suggested to visit Washington D.C. and Maryland. So that is what we did.
      We stayed in a respectable hotel in downtown DC for ten nights. We were quite surprised the weather was very humid and hot, but we got used to it.
Yudi Rodriguez (she graduated and is no longer a student in Montgomery Blair) and Tadese Measho had given their cell phone numbers to me, so I could call them as soon as I arrived. And on the second day of my stay, it was July 4, Yudi, her boyfriend Mario, Tadese and I watched the wonderful fireworks at the National Mall. Thousands of people came to spend the Independence Day together. The atmosphere was just amazing.
      Yudi and Mario were so nice. They picked me up from the hotel to show me the area around Silver Spring and to go and eat Mexican or Chinese food. A few days later I got the chance to meet Mr. Bellino. He drove me to Montgomery Blair High School where I met Norma Menjivar and Quyen Nguyen (they also graduated), Maria Torres and Julmira Ie. They gave me such a warm welcome. I felt like I had already known them for years.
We walked around Blair and I was totally fascinated by the building (the corridors even have street names!) and the many different sports fields. It is definitely the best school I have ever seen. Gymnasium Wandlitz is not comparable to this kind of palace. But the amicable connection between teachers and students is exactly the same here, too.
      One day the Silver International guys and I went to an amusement park. (We were six persons in one car. We were a bit scared to be stopped by the police). We rode up and down on rollercoasters and had pretty much fun.
      My parents and I spent the last day of our stay with Mr. Bellino and his family. He picked us up to show us George and Martha WashingtonÕs mansion at Mount Vernon and then to have dinner at his house. So saying good-bye again became even harder for me.
      I was proud I could understand the American English that well (and that they understood me). Now my wish to spend one high school year in the USA is bigger than ever. I hope to stay in contact to the Silver International staff for a very long time. I would like to thank everybody for making me have such a wonderful time.
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