Students Struggle in Regular English

By Mohammed Kayati
     Some Blair students who finish ESOL classes struggle in their regular English classes at first. Junior Quynh Nguyen started regular English last year. "It was hard for me at the beginning," she said."In ESOL classes you get more attention from teachers," Esay, a senior, said. "They make it easy for you."
     Most of the students feel comfortable in ESOL classes. They come from different countries and maybe they speak different languages. But they all have something in common. They are all learning English. "In regular English people make fun of you." Esay said.
     But even though the regular English class may be difficult, some teachers understand their students' struggles. "The teachers did a great job helping me out. "Esay said.
But some students are unlucky with their teachers. "They expect you to know everything," sophomore Filman said.
     But many of the students who finish ESOL and are taking regular English do well in their regular English. "I had B's and A's in my English class last year," Quynh said.
Even though some students who finish ESOL struggle in regular English, most overcome thier hardship and manage to survive.
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