Meet Ms. Hamm

By Julmira Ie
     Ms. LaSchell Hamm is the new ESOL students' counselor.
Mrs. Hamm enjoys working with ESOL students very much. "I like the fact everybody comes from different cultures and everybody speaks different languages," she said. "It makes it interesting and exciting and it is really good to see how hard the students try."
Communication with some of the ESOL students is one problem she has. "I speak English and a little bit of Spanish, but no French," she said. "Because I don't speak a lot different languages, I know exactly how they feel when they hear me speak English and they don't know what I am saying. They may speak French back to me and I don't know what they are saying."
     "I can speak a little Spanish to get them to understand what I am saying, so their little bit of English and my little bit of Spanish works out. If they don't have any English skills, then there are a lot of different aides in the counseling office and some counselors who speak Spanish and French and they will come to help. Oftentimes students come with their family members who speak English, so I can tell the family member what I want to say to the students and the family members translate to them.
     Ms. Hamm knows that the students try really hard with schoolwork. "It is very amazing that you meet somebody and when they come on the first day of school they don't speak any English. But they may come back a couple of weeks later and have some phrases and are starting to learn," she said. "They start to try to pick up more English and that really makes me feel good."
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