Some Students Are On Their Own

By Yesika Rodriguez 

     In Montgomery Blair High School there are many ESOL students who don't have their parents support. Due to circumstances the students have to support themselves.
Some ESOL students have grown up with grandparents and relatives who are not their parents. That is the reason that the students have not had a relationship with their parents. "When I came to this country, it was hard for me to have a relationship with my father because I felt uncomfortable to talk to him" Maria said.
      Therefore when the students come to this country, they are shy, or afraid to ask their parents for help. Most of the ESOL students have to keep working and also study" It is hard for me keep my grades up when I'm working and studying at the same time" Luis Alvarado said.
     However, many students want to finish high school and go to college even if they don't get help from their parents. The wish of many students is to become a professional person. "After I finish high school I want to continue studying" Maria Hernandez said. " I want to become a business accountant, even if I have to keep working very hard" she said.
Fortunately, ESOL students have the support of many people in the school. Mr. Moreno is one of the persons who likes to help ESOL students. He helps the students to decide what they want to do after finishing high school. Also he helps students to get information about the college that they would like to go to and how to get into college.
     "What I want the students to understand is how important it is to keep studying after they finish high school" Mr. Moreno said. One of the most important things that Mr. Moreno helps the students with is to get a financial aid and scholarships.
Also, many of these students have some abilities to support themselves. "What inspires me is that these guys have inner wishes and even though some have problems that influence them, they still keep their goals" Mr. Moreno said.y

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