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I give a special thanks to all my teachers - a special thanks to Ms. Murray, Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Loomis in the foreign language office. I had the best year in Blair with you. I am very happy that you are kind to me and understand a person like me. Thanks to Ms. Winter who let me and my friend help your students through the process that we have done before. I am very happy to be there for them. I will miss all of you. It’s been so great to be a student of the teachers I had during my 11th and 12th grade. I thank all my friends who are there for me and who understand me. I will miss all senior friends after graduation. I will also miss all my junior, sophomore ,and freshmen friends.

    I want to thank all my friends and teachers for supporting me for these four years. Without you I wouldn’t have made it. Thank you.

    In this short message I want to say thanks to all my friends, teachers, and counselors who have been helping me through these two years at Blair. Also thanks to people at my work who were always asking me how I was doing (Walter). Thanks to my family, and especially to my boyfrriend Mario Argueta, who has been by my side at every moment since I met him.
Yudi Rodriguez

     I would like to say thank you to all my teachers. They were helping me a lot when I first got into this school. Also thanks to my friends who were always with me and helping me. I would like to say good- bye to all of you. I’ll miss all of you. I hope you guys have great years.

     Bye, Blair Blazers. I will miss all of you guys. I would like to say thanks to Ms. Borhórquez because she always has been there for me. She always has been encouraging me to do better in school. She is more then just a teacher. She is a friend, a parent, someone that you can trust with anything. Mr. Hoelman also is a great teacher and a coach. Thank you for everything. I think I wouldn’t be playing softball without your help. I will miss you so much! Mr. Bellino thanks for all your help. I could not leave without thanking you. You have made me feel that I can do anything in this life. Thanks also to my parents for all your support.
This is for all my friends: be good in college. Do what you’re supposed to do. Also have fun because life is not just books, but also is not just partying!! I will miss you, all of you! Love,
Norma M.

     I’ve been a Blazer for about four years. In these four years, I’ve had many teachers that have done a great job preparing me, teaching me skills that I will use in the outside world. I will take this opportunity to say thanks and good-bye to all my teachers and classmates. To all my friends who are going to stay, I want to let them know that high school is a battle that sometimes gets harder and harder. But when you get the victory it becomes sweeter than honey itself.
Junior Adalli Padilla

    In my last year of high school I have learned to have a friend and to know how friendship is. On this day I would like to express my feelings thinking that everything would not be the same after I leave high school. Thanks to my friends - to Luis M. for helping me when I needed a hand and also my friends who learned how to deal with me, to my parents and teachers for being there from the beginning to the end, and thanks to my sister Heidy and everybody who reads this message knowing my feelings and thoughts. And God bless me.
Lourdes Perez

    Hey everybody!! I just want to say thanks to all my friends and teachers who supported me every year I have been in Blair. I know it hasn’t been easy for y’all SENIORS. Remember this is our last year in high school so have fun. Good luck seniors.
Sherly Geronimo

     I want to thanks to all my friends that stood out with me and who helped me with everything. Thanks for being my friends. I won’t forget you all. Thanks to all my teachers that supported me and gave me their advice.
I love you all. Danilo, I want you to know that you are one of my special friends and thank for being there for me I will love you forever. Your friend,
Guadalupe Tobar

      Well the year is finished and the seniors are leaving, I want to say thanks to all my friends and my teachers, especially to Mr. Bellino. He is a nice person to me and a good teacher. Also thanks to Ms. Bohorquez and every single teacher that I had this year. Bye.
Flor Torres

     Senior’s last day and it is the day to say good-bye to my friends and my teachers. I am very happy to be a senior, to graduate, but I am also unhappy to be senior because I will miss all of my friends and my teachers a lot. Thank you very much to the teachers who taught me 9th grade through senior year. I will never forget the time I spent in all classes. All is in my memory; I will put it in my diary. Thank you to all my friends. The times when I gather with my friends and my teachers are the wonderful times. It’s not enough for me to describe how wonderful you are, all is inside. I am still part of Blair no matter where I go.
Quyen Nguyen


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