Students Write about the War

George Bush’s Decision

By Vanessa Rangel Da Silva, Montgomery Village M.S.
     I think that George Bush hasn’t thought about the consequences of the war.
A lot of innocent people are going to die. What if they don’t kill Saddam Hussein? People died for nothing? The only died because George Bush wanted them to fight? A lot of countries are against the war but he is not listening to anybody. It seems like he doesn’t care about people’s feelings. If he wants to find and kill Saddam Hussein, why doesn’t he go by himself instead of sending thousands of innocent people? At least he’s going to be the only one that might die.
     I know somebody who is going to Iraq to fight. I don’t know how his family is reacting but every Sunday they go to my church to pray. Not only for him but also for everybody else who is going too. I feel very angry and scared of losing a friend in this war. Sometimes people think, “You’re only going to lose a friend but you’re always going to have another one to replace him!” What about those people who are going to lose husbands, brothers or even fathers? How can we replace a father, a brother or even a husband? Can’t he at least think of how people are going to suffer?
All I want is peace instead of war.


Is War the Only Way Out?

By Paul Zhgilov, Montgomery village, M.S
     I am 12 and I have my own opinion about America going to war with Iraq.
American is about to go to the war with Iraq. America thinks that if they go into a war they are going to harm and kill Saddam Hussein, but actually they are also going to harm innocent people.
     A lot of people in America are for the war but even more are against it like me. I am against the war because I think there is another way out of this without going to war.



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