There Are Many People Who Helped Us

Students in Montgomry Village Middle School wrote about people who helped them or were kind to them. We have selected a small part from the writing of each student

     I am writing about my grandfather. When he died I felt so bad because a week before he told me that he knew that he was going to die and he told me to take care of my grandmother and to help her in every thing. In the same day he gave me his necklace and he said, “ Remember how I did those things to help you. Now I want you to have it and help other people. He also said, “Remember that I saved your you from the bad people. I want you to remember that all your life.”

Andres Chaparral
     A person who is kind to me is Ritchie Cyrus Labara. He lives in Philippines. He is so kind to other people and me. When someone would ask him if he can help him/her in some work, he always does it. He always helps people a lot, and he always gives poor children food and clothes. He gave his lunch money to poor people who need it and one time when his father gave him money for shopping, he didn’t spend it. He bought some food, shoes and clothes, and then we rode a bus to go to an orphanage and gave them all Richie bought for them. For me, he is the kindest person I know.

Roseville Santos
     One person that has been kind with me is my aunt. When I just came here she helped me with my homework, I did not speak English. She always takes me to new places to met new friends and stuff like that. But the thing I like most about her is when she tells me, “Do not give up on whatever you’re doing.” She always trusts me in everything from when I came here until now. I think she is one of my best persons who is almost always with me.

Araceli Garcia
     When I was in my country my brother always followed me. I didn’t like it so I had to give my brother some money so he can go away from me. Some time I bought my brother some toys so he could be happy. One time this big kid was picking on my brother and hit my brother on the head so I come in and my brother was going to my grandma’s house. We had to cross the street. A car was going too fast and it was going straight at us so I pushed my brother away and I got hit.

Tuc Nguyen
     My grandmother is the kindest friend I know. She is always helping me and friends. I learned to cook food. She read books and helped me do my homework. She always says she loves me. I like to talk to my grandmother about my homework. We like going to the market where we shop for clothes.

Lena Tuffour
     My mom was very kind with all her friends and with me also. She also helped me in anything that I needed or what I needed to talk about. She was very helpful in my school in Peru and helped the other parents because in my country we had only a room. In that room we had all the courses. It is different here.

Angie Campos
     In my old school I had a friend named Daniel. He was the kindest person. I am thinking he was kind because he was always nice to people and when I needed help he always helped me. Other friends, if I ask them too many questions, they always said, “Ask the teacher or someone else.” But Daniel never said that to me. If I asked him 50 questions in one class. He always answered me. That’s why I think he is kind.

Joseph Suh
     The person who is kind to me is my uncle. He helped my mom to take care of me like when she went to work to New Jersey. He was also like my father. Well now I am going to tell you about my mother. She is a nice mother. The reasons why are that she helps me. She also buys me clothes. And when I am sick she takes care of me and she goes to work.

Wendy Morales
      The person who is kind is Carmen, my mom. She is very kind to my sisters, friends, family and me. She is kind because she gives us a lot of love and helps us and others. She never leaves us alone at home. She is kind to others because she helped my cousin when my Aunt told her to leave the house and my mother told her to stay at our house. That’s how my mom helped my cousin. And for me that is why my mother is kind, because she did that to my sisters, my cousin and me.

Carmen Parada
     I am writing about a person that has been kind to me, that person is my brother. I say that he has been kind to me because one day I wanted to buy a pair of shoes but I didn’t have money. Then I told him that I wanted to buy them, and then he gave me $70 dollars to buy them.

Carlos Carranza
     I write this paragraph about my grandfather because I think he is kind. He likes to help others with food, money, and clothes. He likes me because when I stayed with him he gave me money and he helped me with my homework. He taught me some things that I know like to help others when they need help and to respect the old persons.
Luis Benitez


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