Biopoems by Students in Takoma Park Middle School

Nice and smart,
Brother of Elias and Yasmin,
Lover of girls, basketball, and Blanca;
Who feels clean, happiness and hatred;
Who needs love, money and girls;
Who fears flying, drugs, danger;
Who gives money, pens, and help;
Who would like to see his grandmother, father and family;
Resident of MD

Athletic, smart, angry, nice,
Brother of Danilo,
Lover of soccer, games, and cars;
Who feels happy, angry, sad;
Who needs money, health and a car;
Who fears guns, lions, and tigers;
Who gives help, friendship and time;
Who would like to see his country, a famous soccer player, and the future;
Resident of Maple Avenue,

Regular, handsome, smart, vicious,
Son of Isabel and Vicente,
Lover of Dayana, Mom, and football,
Who feels festive, outrageous, alive;
Who needs health, money, and love;
Who fears gangs, drugs, death;
Who gives help, love and care;
Who would like to see Dad, no war and heaven;
Resident of Glenville,

Smart, funny, kind, nice,
Sister of Getenet,
Lover of Bow Wow and pizza;
Who feels smart, happy, and shy;
Who needs money, friends, and love;
Who fears guns, ghosts, drugs;
Who gives love, help and time;
Who would like to see her aunt, her uncle, and her cousin;
Resident of Maryland,


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