Many in Germany Have Strong Feelings Against War


Even though the war in Iraq is over, we are printing these letters from students in an English class in Gymnasium Wandlitz in Germany. Maybe the letters will help our readers understand why many people in Europe were against the war. The first letter (on the right) is from Mrs. Ute Nowak, an English teacher. The other letters are from her students.
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     War broke out last night and out students and teachers are confused and concerned. We feel so sorry for all victims on the sides. Don’t forget we Germans are not against the American people, just against the war. Germany has started two world wars and has lost them. In my generation (I’m 34 years old) many people don’t know their grandfathers because they were killed in World War II. One of my grandfathers was shot down, too, during that war. My other surviving grandfather lost his legs. My husband’s grandfather lost his eye. In our history lessons students learn about these two world wars. They see films with real war scenes from that time. Knowing our historical and political background we hope that you will understand our letters that my students wrote exactly after the beginning of the war in Iraq.
Love and peace,
Mrs. Nowak

     We were shocked when we heard about the beginning of the war. All of us know the problems between American and the Iraq, but we had not expected something like that. What was the main reason for this terrible war? Oil, revenge, or the dictatorship? So many people have to die. Not only the terrorists also civilians like children. It’s nonsense that 400,000 Allies fight against a million Iraqis. Nobody thinks about the following consequenc! There are so many chemical or nuclear bombs, so all of us could die. We have fear. We don’t know what would happen in the future.
War is not the answer!
Christin, Sascha, Sebastian, and Marie

     It’s horrible that the war has begun. Innocent people must suffer or die. We are so sad. We are so shocked that Bush is so “cold.” We hope that the war is over before more people must suffer and the world economy breaks asunder.
Daniel, Pia, and Lisa

     The war is terrible for us and for the world, because Saddam Hussein does not only attack Americans but the whole world. The people of Berlin and Brandenburg go to a demonstration everyday because we are in the year that the third world war might come. We are so disappointed about the president of America because he is not interested in the opinions of the people in the world.
Lisa, Maja, and Dominique

     We think that the war is not the answer for the problems. Innocent people have to die. That’s right that Saddam Hussein must be killed, but there are other solutions. We hope that the war will end soon.
Steffan, Nicole, Vivien, and Linda

     It’s horrible! The war has started and we can’t do anything to stop it, to stop the president Bush. So many innocent people have to die, children, women, men. We are very sad and we can’t say anything more to express our thoughts. Hope you are fine.
Undine, Josephine, Sabine, and Isabelle

     We all are very shocked about the things, which have happened. We don’t understand why George W. Bush decided to fight. We understand that the attack of the 9/11 was very terrible but is this reason to kill more not guilty people, for example babies, children, and parents. Why didn’t he think about the opinion of so many demonstrating people in the whole world? At the end who are the losers? We hope the war will be stopped as quickly as possible and without so many dead people.
Josephine, Anica, and Ariane

     We are all so shocked about the attacks on Iraq. At first we want to say how sympatric we are with the people on Iraq and in America, which are against the war. Now you know that we cannot say something good about the bomb attacks on Baghdad.
Robert, Marcus, and Sven

Dear Montgomery Blair High School Students,
     We would like to show our feelings about the war on Iraq. For us it is important to say we are against this was. Because of the news on TV, we are well informed about the situation. In the school we often talked about George W. Bush’s reasons to attack Iraq, but we did not find a just one to cause any innocent people to die.
     The German government decided to not take part in this war. But this absolutely does not mean that German people tolerate what Saddam Hussein did and does in many ways. We are neutral.
     So we just hope this war will end as soon as possible and there will not be too many victims.
Julia, Marlit, and Wiebke


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