A Day I Will Never Forget: My Quinceañera Party

Kenia Flores-Lazo in her pink dress, gloves, and tiara.

By Kenia Flores-Lazo
      Fifteen-year-old girls in El Salvador celebrate the “Party of Rose.” This custom happens once in a lifetime to celebrate each girl’s growing up.
     Family and friends celebrate this custom. They have a big party with food for the people. The girl wears a pink dress and pink gloves, a tiara, and pink stockings and shoes. There is a new dance just for this day called a circle dance which the girl dances with her father for the first dance. Then when she finishes this special dance, she gets to dance with a boy her age.
     Everyone goes to the church where the father gives his daughter a ring. Then everyone goes to the girl’s house for the party with food including beef, chicken, salads and a cake with “Happy 15th Birthday” on top. This lasts a whole evening with presents like jewelry, money, and makeup.
     I’ll never forget my 15th birthday. I remember when my mother helped me put on my dress and my makeup. Then, when everybody was ready, we went to the church. All my family and friends were there. When Mass was over, everyone went to my house. My mother and another family cooked for everyone. Then I danced with my father.
     I remember when my uncle pushed my face into the cake. Everybody was looking at me and laughing because I looked so funny. Then I opened my gifts - a gold necklace and matching bracelet, makeup, pants, shoes, photo album, and money. I thank all my family and friends. Then everyone went home. Later I put together a special photo album of my happy day.


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