Students Visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore

Mr. John Whang and students in his group smile for the camera outside the Baltimore Aquarium.
By Students in Ms. Gutierrez’s 1st Period Class
     Hello, Everyone! We are going to tell you about out field trip to the Baltimore Aquarium on March 14. We went to the cafeteria at seven thirty to get our lunch bags and to wait for the bus. The bus did not come on time. Ms. Gutierrez was very angry. She called the bus company but they didn’t answer. She left an angry message.
     Then Ms. Gutierrez told us, “If the bus does not come, we have to go back to class.” Many students said, “ I don’t have my books or paper to go to class.” The bell rang. We had to go 4th period. We were very sad, angry, and mad.
     Once we got into our 4th period class, the boss of the bus company called Ms. Gutierrez and said to her “ Do you still need the bus?” Ms. Gutierrez said, “Of course! But I need a discount.”
     Later on in 4th period the secretary made the announcement to the school, “The students who are going to the aquarium with Ms. Gutierrez, please go to the cafeteria.”
Everyone was happy when the bus came. Mr. Wang, Ms. H., Ms. Cohen and Mr. John went with us. Finally we got on the bus and Ms. Gutierrez told us the rules.
     On the bus, we listened to the music (hip-hop and reggae) and we made a lot of noise. From the bus, we saw the Orioles Stadium, then we arrived and Ms. Gutierrez got the tickets. The harbor smelled so bad!
     In the Aquarium, we saw the rays. The rays were different colors like brown, black, and gray. Then we saw bubbles in the water cylinders. Then later on we saw the seahorses, a lot of kinds of fish, blue, red, green, and brown, also the frogs, snakes, turtles, eels, monkeys, birds in the rain forest and an octopus. The rain forest was very hot.
     After that, we went to see the dolphin show. The dolphins jumped in the air. swam in the big pool, made a sound saying “hi” to us, played with the ball, swam under the water, and imitated their trainer. They also showed the sonogram of a pregnant dolphin. There were students from many schools.
     Later, we timed the speed of the fish across two windows in the coral reef tank. We saw a nurse shark that was sleeping and a lemon shark was moving too much. Its teeth were very big. So we went outside to eat in the harbor. Some people took pictures. Then, we left at around one o’clock. On the bus we had a good time. We got to Blair at 1:50. That is our entire trip. Thank you.


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