Day of the Open Door at Gymnasium Wandlitz

When visitors went to Gymnasium Wandlitz's " Day of the open door," some of the students learning English talked about their connections to the U.S including information about Silver International.
By Jana Schwarz , Gymnasium Wandlitz
     Every year we have a day called “Day of the Open Doors (Tag der offense Tur).” It is kind of a tradition. This day is for parents and their children. Pupils that are in the 6th grade and want to come to our school in the next year can come on the day of the open doors to our school and have a look at it. For almost every subject some pupils from our school make a presentation for a subject, so that pupils from other school can see what we’re doing in our school lessons.
     For Latin some pupils played a theatre act called: “Scurra et rusticus” and they played it four times.
     For Russian they made a little meal and showed some typical Russian things.
For Spanish they made little dialogs, songs and they made “Tortillas” (something to eat). They also had information’s about the exchange students from Argentina.
     For English we hung a lot of things from Silver International on a pin wall. We also had some newspapers from Silver International and answered the questions that the parents and pupils had.
     For science they made experiments and they also made one on the roof.


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