Three Long-Time ESOL Staff Members Retiring

Mrs. Ruth Ann Gieser, and esol teacher at Blair, will be retiring after 36 years as a teacher.

Lourdes Ceidi, the counselor for ESOL students will be retiring after 30 years at Blair.

By Yudi Rodriguez
     Three staff members who have been working in education for more than 30 years are retiring this year.
     Ms. Lourdes Ceide is a counselor for ESOL students who has been working in education for 34 years and has been at Blair for 30 years. Before she came to Blair she worked for four years at a Catholic high school in Suitland, Maryland. She came to the mainland U.S. from Puerto Rico in 1951 with her mother.
     Ms. Ceide has mixed feelings about leaving Blair. “I have sadness because I’m leaving something that I have built for so many years,” Ms. Ceide said,“the work with the students, friends, and staff. But what I will miss the most is the work with the students, helping them and hearing about their dreams.”
      Because she has been at Blair for a long time, students often come back to visit and tell her about their lives. She feels very happy when that happens and she sees that one of her students is a successful person. “That makes me feel very satisfied,” she said.
     “I don’t have any specific plans for next year,” Ms. Ceide said, “but I’m exited about the things that I can do now that I’m retiring. Now I can travel, spend more time with my family, friends, and learn new things like how to play golf.”
     Ms. Ceide feels that this is a new beginning, “When you finish a project in your life, then you have to start a new beginning somewhere else,” she said.
     Another person who is retiring is Mrs. Caridad Montero who has been an ESOL teacher’s assistant at Blair for 25 years.
     Mrs. Montero came from Cuba in 1958 because her mother was here and her mother sent for her to come. She was working in a beauty shop before she started working in education.
     In 1972 she started working for the Head Start Program at Takoma Park Elementary School, “I stayed working there for 7 years,” Ms. Montero said, “then I moved to Montgomery Blair in 1978.”
     Here at Blair Mrs. Montero does a little bit of everything but especially helps teachers who have ESOL classes.
     “I have been working in math class for the last three years helping the students. In technology class I been working for the last seven years because most of the students are in ESOL level 2,” she said. In the technology classroom there are some machines that are dangerous and the students have to learn how to use them. “So when they are in ESOL level 2 sometimes it is difficult for them to understand,” she added.
     Mrs. Ruth Ann Gieser, an ESOL teacher, is also retiring this year after 16 years at Blair and 36 years in education.
     “Before I started working at Blair, I was working at Montgomery College in a part-time job,” Mrs. Gieser said. “I spent a wonderfult time at Blair,” she added. “I won’t forget the staff and the kids. But what I will miss the most is to see the kids, to hear their ideas and spend every day with them.”
     Next year Mrs. Gieser said that she and her husband want to travel.


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