The Blair Students Lobby State and National Legislators

Yudi Rodriguez talks with Congress man Chris Van Hollen as Melisa Lopes, Francisco Perez, Vumani Nkoma, and Danilo Reque look on.
By Yudi Rodriguez
     Five current and former Blair students had the opportunity to speak with state and federal legislators about issues important to immigrants at a recent town meeting.
The Latin community and immigrants in general had the chance to talk with Congressman Chris Van Hollen from Maryland, Congressman Marino Rodriguez from Texas, and Maryland delegates Ana Sol Gutierrez and Victor Ramirez. They talked about what they want the government to do for the community and told them what we need as immigrants.
     Current students Francisco Perez, Yasse Trujillo, Melissa Lopes, and Yudi Rodriguez asked the congressmen and delegates to support the DREAM Act and to give more funds to the Assessment State Grants and the Parents Assessment Program. Former Blair students, Darwin Bonilla and Vumani Nkoma talked about the need for support for adult education programs.
     The DREAM Act supports immigrant students who have been in U.S. for at least five years to get their residency so they can apply for federal financial aid to help pay for their college education. The Assesment State Grant program helps to get more ESOL teachers for immigrant students. The Parents Assessment Program proposes to have a center where parents can get information about school systems in their own language.
     This meeting was organized by Casa of Maryland (Comunidad Hispana). ESOL teacher Ms. Sandra Gutierrez is a volunteer helper at Casa of Maryland and a former ESOL student. She helped to organize the meeting and gave the chance to the students to speak at the meeting.


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