Letter to the Editor

Is War the Answer?

     As a fifteen-year-old German girl I cannot give you a political analysis about the situation between the United States of America and the Iraq. But I have an opinion.
Germany has got a cruel past. Two world wars have been fomented. Millions of innocent people died. It has taken a very long time to build new friendships with other states. Nobody wants to give up the friendship to America.
I do understand the reasons of attacking the Iraq. Saddam Hussein at last let the UN arms inspectors into his country.
     As I heard the USA is divided whether to start a war or not. I have also heard of people who do not even believe Osama bin Laden exists at all. German is divided, too. The terrorism scares the people here. When I switch on the news there is always reported of strife and grief.
     Unbelievably terrible things have happened to the USA on September 11, 2001. Thousands of innocent people had to die. Osama bin Laden has not been found. Many innocent people in Afghanistan had to die. Families have been destroyed. Hearts and feelings have been deeply wounded. Bruises fade, but the pain inside the soul remains.
f a war is started Saddam Hussein will not be the one who is punished. The people in Iraq will be punished.
      Again innocent people would have to die.
I just know I am happy every minute I can spend in peace.

Wiebke Jakob, Gymnasium Wandlitz, Wandlitz Germany

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