Middle School Students Share Their Stories.

By Flory
     Hi, my name is Flory and I’m going to tell you about my life. I was born in South America on Saturday, March 23, 1991 at 1:00 am. I have three sisters and three brothers. I love to swim. My swim team is called “The Gators.”
     South America was very nice. There were a lot of wild plants and grasses. My family lived there. I cannot remember the name of my school. I had lots of friends that I could play with. We played jump rope. We ate a lot of different foods. One of them is ceviche, which is seafood.
     To get from South America to the United States it took us 24 hours. One week later, I went to school at Piney Branch Elementary. I was nine and a half

By Frank C.
     I came to the U.S. in 2002 in an airplane. The airplane was big and beautiful. In the airplane was a woman. She gave us some food. When I came first, I went to Miami and I came to the airport of Dulles. Then I went to the house of my uncle and I lived there for three months. The first that I saw with my uncle was the Safeway.
Now I don’t live with my uncle any more. I live in a basement of the house, which we rent.
I like my life in the United States.years old. I was in 4th grade. It took me a few days to get used to the United States.

By Joaquin R.
     I want to tell you about my school. The name of my school is Eastern Middle School. I’m so happy in this school. I have a sister in this school. She is in 8th grade. She is 14 years old. My favorite class is math and I like computers too. I like computers because I can get on the Internet and a lot of others things. I want to get in college. My other sister is going to Montgomery Blair High School. She is in 10th grade. Her name is Lopez.

By Andy Muñoz
     Hi, my name is Andy. I am going to tell you about my life in my country.
I was born in Washington, D.C. on September 29, 1991. My father’s name is Victor and my mom’s name is Patricia. I have two brothers and one sister. I like to play.
     I came from El Salvador. It was very nice. I remember that there were a lot of mountains. The name of my school was C.E.G.A. I had a lot of friends that were my age and bigger than me. I played soccer. I ate pupusas and tamales. The special thing about my country was everything.
     It took me six hours to come the United States. I arrived on a Friday. I felt happy. I came with my Aunt’s mom and we slept at my mom’s house. It looked different than the house in El Salvador. I went to Piney Branch Elementary School. I was nine years old. I was in the fifth grade. It took one week for me to feel good in the U.S. and to make friends.
This is my story about my life in El Salvador and the United States.

By Roberto R.
     Hi, my name is Roberto. I was born in El Salvador on May 28, 1990. My parent’s names are Roberto and Rosa. I have two sisters named Andrea and Priscilla. I like to go to the mall.
     I came from El Salvador. My country had a lot of trees and a lot of volcanoes. I lived in my country with my family. The name of my school was La Amatepec and I had a lot of friends in my school. My friends were about my age and I liked to play tag and soccer. I ate pupusas, tamales and empanadas. The special thing about my country was that my country had a lot of volcanoes.
     We flew on the airplane for 5 hours to come here. I arrived on Tuesday. I felt bad at the beginning because I had to leave all my friends. I came with my family and we slept the first days at my Uncle’s house. It was a very nice house. The first school that I went to in the U.S. was Piney Branch Elementary School. I was eleven years old and I was in fifth grade.
It took me several months to feel good in this country. One special thing that happened to me was that I made a lot of friends like Ricardo, Andy and Rodrigo.

By Nebeu T.
     My name is Nebeu. I was born in Ethiopia in December of 1990. My father’s name is Davete and my mother’s name is Alsa. I have two brothers and no sisters.
I like to play soccer with my friends. I have a lot of friends in Ethiopia. They like to play soccer, too.
I remember in my country that they were fighting a war. The police took the boys and the children. The police didn’t care about them.
The time that I wasn’t there I was here in this country. Everything is clean in the United States. They have everything you want for your life.
Ethiopia is good, but it is not better than this country. Ethiopia is so dirty. It is cleaned sometimes, but here the country is clean every day. I will never hate my country. That I can promise.
This is my life in my country.

By Ricardo T
     Hello, my name is Ricardo and I want to tell you about my life in El Salvador and in the United States.
I was born on June 21, 1990 at 7:30 pm. My mom’s name is Milagro and my dad’s name is Isidoro. I have a sister who is seven years old. I like to play soccer with my friends.
I’m from El Salvador. I looks small on a map, but when I was there I felt big. I remember the beach. It was cool to go there.      My family was the only one that lived in our house. My school’s name was Cenco. I had a lot of friends in that school. I was in that school for six years and I played soccer with my friends. The food that was my favorite was pupusas, which is tortillas and cheese, and tamales, which is made with flour and chicken. My country was special because it had some beautiful places.
     I arrived in the U.S. after four hours on the plane. I felt very bored on the plane. When I was in the airport, I was very happy. That day I started a new life. I wanted to go to a new school to meet more friends. The first nights we were here my family stayed at my Aunt’s apartment. It was very big and beautiful. When I started school, I went to Piney Branch Elementary School. I was eleven years old. I was in the fifth grade.
     It took me three month to adapt in the new school and to know all about it, but I had a good thing happen too, I met new friends.


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