Poems from Other Schools

By Robert Gomes, Takoma Park M.S
The sound of the tranquil river “Orinoco.”
The sound of the trees moving in the wind.
The sound of children playing on the street.
The feel of the Llanera music in the heart.
The feel of the affection of the people.
The feel of the company of my friends.
The sight of yellow birds and cardinals in the sky.
The sight of the families in the park.
The sight of the coffee plants.
The taste of Arepa with ham and cheese.
The taste of Mondongo with lemon.
The taste of pastels de yucca.
The smell of arepa with ham and cheese.
The smell of the soup pisca and ina.
The smell of the trees and purple orchids

By Khailur Rahman, Takoma Park M.S.
The sound of the cars honking in the street.
The sound of the chickens and roosters every morning
The sound of the wind in the night - swoosh.
The feel of trees blowing in the air
The feel of very hot sun on my face
The feel of cold water when I am swimming.
The smell of rose flowers in the park
The smell of exhaust from the cars
The smell of the trees in the street.
The sight of homeless cats going nowhere
The sight of people waiting for the bus
The sight of people jogging in the street.
The taste of hot friend rice
The taste of Durian fruit
The taste of Rambutan fruit..



By Eszter Bodoky, Takoma Park M.S.
The sound of the rain touching the windows.
The sound of playing children on the street.
The sound of dogs barking from the houses.
The feel of cold ice and snow on my hands.
The feel of happiness to be with my friends.
The feel of my family with me.
The smell of wild horses.
The smell of the grapes when they make wine.
The smell of people making lunch.


By Yovdanos Yalewayke, Takoma Park M.S.

The sight of a lot of dogs walking in the town. Ethiopia
The sound of water falling from the river.
The sound of church bells ringing.
The sound of dogs barking in the street.

The feel of the ice and hail.
The feel of fun visiting Fozia, my friend.
The feel of the teacher hitting my hand.
The smell of rose flowers.
The smell of tea in the market.
The smell of coffee.
The sight of houses made of stone and wood.
The sight of the church and people going in.
The sight of Ethiopian clothes men in white and women in long dresses.
The taste of spicy meat kitfo.
The taste of my mother Enitra.
The taste of chili and tomato. The sight of cars hurrying to work.
The sight of children walking home from school.
The taste of warm gulash soup
The taste of chicken with mashed potatoes.
The taste of sweet pancakes. Thailand


By Kulakarn Wiriyaamnuaiphorn, Takoma Park M.S.

The sound of honking in the street,
The sound of many people in the market talking,
The sound of the police whistling in traffic.
The feel of hot sun on my head,
The feel of joy being with my friends at the mall,
The feel of happiness to be with my family.
The smell of the bread baking,
The smell of the vegetables at the market,
The smell of the people making dinner.
The sight of the motorcycles going fast,
The sight of the people walking on the walk bridge,
The sight of the students in uniform going to school.
The taste of spicy curry,
The taste of many sweet fruits,
The taste of hot delicious noodles.


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