Poetry from the ESOL classes


Search for new horizons, find new things.
For a person grows old and dies while another one is born and is alive.
You will change every year little things that will make you succeed
      Then fear no more because you only live once and don’t get a second chance.



I like to fight with my teacher because she thinks I’m a creature.
She thinks I am a bad student in the school.
She thinks that I am a fool.
I like to wear my hat because she thinks I am fat.
I like to keep my work because she thinks I am jerk.
I like to be me but she wants me to flee.
I like to sit on my chair but she does not give me air.
I want to be a good kid but my teacher wants my mouth to have a lid. They say I’m not American.



They Say, I Say

I say, “Are you?”
They say I’m weird.
I say, “You are, too.”
They say I’m insane.
I say, “That is what you made.”
They say I never cry.
I say, “I prefer to smile.
Why would you like to see me cry?”
They say I know nothing about life.
I say, “I’ll learn what it’s like.”
They say I’m weak.
I say, “I’m human, don’t you see?”
They say I’m not smart.
I say, “I know what I need to know.”
They say I’ll never be someone.
I say, “Are you crazy?
I’m smart enough to be more.”
They ask why I don’t work.
I say, “I don’t need to work.
My family has shown me the toughest way of surviving life
Without even scratching my hands.”
They say they would never be my friends.
I say, “Why wouldn’t you ever try?
I can show you what I know and what I think it’s worth
Instead of putting my head down. At least I try a bit...”
They say I make a bit of sense.
I say, “Life isn’t easy.
It will teach you hard.
But if you open your mind to God,
It is how you will understand that
Anyone else is as good as you are
And you will understand me
At the same time.”

© Copyright Silver International Newspaper, Montgomery Blair H.S. 2003 (This page was created by Flor Torres and Tadese Measho