A Teacher Who Makes a Difference at Blair H.S.

Kory Vargas, who graduated last year, and Mrs. Castro.
By Maria Torres
     Ms. Castro is a popular Spanish teacher in Montgomery Blair High School who originally came from Puerto Rico. She is the sponsor of the Hispanic Club and has helped many Latino students be successful.
     Ms. Castro came to Blair H. S. in 1983. After she went to high school she went to college and studied for a career in education administration. When she was in her country, she already spoke Spanish and English. English is not a language spoken in most homes in Puerto Rico, but she learned it in school and now she speaks it very well. She had to learn English in her country because she needed it to graduate from high school.
     The first day that she came to Blair she saw an interesting place but something that bothered her was the many Hispanic students who weren’t graduating from high school, “As an immigrant that I am, I think that everybody can have the opportunity to make their dreams come true,” she said. Ms Castro thought to use the Hispanic Club so that the students could complete their school work and get help to go the college.
     There are many students who got help from her. Kory Vargas, a senior from last year, said he got help from her. “Ms Castro helped me all the time to pass the A.P. Spanish exam,” he said. Kory Vargas and Ms. Castro also worked together to make a video for all of the Spanish speakers who want to know about their cultures.
     Ms. Castro helped a lot of young people to graduate from high school and go to college. Ramiro Villarreal said that she helped him a lot. “Ms. Castro is a teacher who taught me how much I am worth, trying always to tell me how my life is going to change in my future.”
     In Montgomery Blair, Ms. Castro teaches a course called Spanish for Spanish Speakers. Many of the students who take Ms. Castro’s class are people who want to be proud of their culture. Most were born in this county or have been here since they were very young and want to know about their parents’ customs.
     In Montgomery Blair High School this amazing teacher is able to publish the poems that Hispanic students have done, “I can say that I have a lot of poets in my class,” Ms. Castro said. The poems that the students have done are done with Ms. Castro’s help because she teaches them how to write poems.
     Ms. Castro doesn’t help only students. She helps teachers, too. Ms. Gonzales, a Spanish teacher in Blair who is also from Puerto Rico, said, “Ms. Castro was my mentor when I was a new teacher in this school.” Now, thanks to Ms. Castro, Ms. Gonzales is doing well in the school. “The students are comfortable with my work,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.
     Ms. Castro said that the important thing for Hispanic students is to get a good education, especially for some students who need to know about their customs of this country. Also she thinks that the way that a lot of students can do well in their future is to put a lot of effort in their dreams and they can make their dreams true. And, she added, “I want my students to feel proud of their backgrounds. This is something very important.”


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