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Blair Students who visited Thomas Edison High School for Technology visited many different career classes. this photo was taken in the Biotech Lab.
By Tadese Measho
     Do you know about Thomas Edison High School for Technology? Many students don’t know about it. But twenty ESOL students went to visit the school on a Friday in December. Many of them were very excited.
     Thomas Edison High School has different students from twenty-three high schools in Montgomery County Public Schools. Every year 700 students total go to that school and some of them are from Blair.
     Edison H.S. has two shifts. Some students go there in the morning and some go in the afternoon. Blair students go to Edison in the morning shift. After they finish at Edison, they come back to Blair for lunch and to take afternoon classes.
     According to the Edison counselor, Ms. Kathleen Scott, the students who apply to go to Edison must have 2.0-2.9 with a good attendance. Many students are really doing a great job getting A and Bs the first quarter. “I am proud of them,” she said.
     Thomas Edison has more that 20 programs most of them are one year courses, but some are two year courses. Cosmetology, the science of personal beauty care, is a three-year program totaling 1,500 hours of instruction. Also some classes have 30 hours community service when the students pass the course.
     Some of the popular courses are Hotel and Travel which focuses on the travel, tourism hotel, and hospitality industries, Medical Careers which offers students unique medical learning opportunities, and Automotive Technology which gives students an opportunity to train for skilled positions in the automotive professions.
     Some students start taking courses at Edison H.S. in 11th grade and some start in the 12th grade. Cosmetology students must start in the 10th grade. ESOL students who want to go to Edison, must be at least ESOL level 3 for most courses.
     “I love Thomas Edison because I am learning what I want to learn,” one of the Edison students said. “And making friends from different high schools is really cool to me.”
Learning about Edison H.S. has been a problem for some students. “My counselor never told me about Thomas Edison,” one of the Blair student visitors said. “I am glad I visited today. I will attend next year,” he said.
      Some students knew about Edison, but they didn’t understand well. “My counselor told me about the program but it was very confusing to me. I thought it was another high school and I would have to leave Blair,” another ESOL student said. But the visit to Edison helped him understand. “Now everything is clear to me. I will go next year,” he said.
      According to Ms. Ceide, the ESOL counselor at Blair High School, many ESOL students want to go Thomas Edison High School, but some things can make it hard for them to attend. “The reality is they need more English credits to graduate and also many of them don’t have good enough grades to go to Thomas Edison,” she said. “But I know many students are successful by what they choose and they go to collage,” she said.
If you need more information, The Thomas Edison High School Web site is <http:/www2.mcps.k12.md.us//schools/edison>.
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