My Village in Columbia

By Daniel Grueso
     I visualized the town where I used to live in my country. I could see the people, my friends. I remembered all the things that we used to do with my friends, I could see the river that we used to swim in, the forest that we used to walk by, and I remembered all my friends.
     I remembered that I used to skip home while my grandmother was looking at the door and my grandfather was running behind me. In the afternoon we used to be a group like fifteen friends. We were talking about the tricks we used to do to make the girl’s fall in love with us.
     I could remember the games we played and that we used to sit on the sidewalk in front of my house. I remembered when I was a little child the older boys used to hit me on my head just because they were older and they showed off. I remembered the field where we used to play basketball. Oh… I almost forget. On vacation we used to have parties, and each December for Christmas we used to have a party called the ‘blue jean party” where each one of the participants must put on a white shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes.


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