Memories of Home: India

By Prabhjot K.
     I was thinking about my home country. I went to the “India Gate” with my whole family. We had taken our food for dinner. We went there and sat near the “Gaga” river. We also had gone for the boating it was really fun. My uncle suddenly fell in the river and we all started laughing.
     Then we came back and stated playing cricket. Everyone in my family knows how to cricket. Whenever there was a match everyone came quickly and sat together in the drawing room and watched T.V.
     Then we started eating dinner. After we ate dinner then my uncle took us to the ice-cream parlor and we ate two or three ice creams each. We really enjoyed this trip to have some ice cream.
     After we finished the ice cream, we went for a long walk and returned back home. It was really fun.


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