The War in Sierra Leone: A Horrible Experience

By Emma N.
     Could you believe that innocent people including young and old were dying for no good reason? The war in Sierra Leone was the saddest thing I ever experienced.
     I was about seven years of age when the war in Sierra Leone started. It was so horrible when I had heard children were being taken away from their parents in the district of Bo. It came to be very serious.
Then education was not functioning well. Teachers’ salaries were delayed, which made them lose their effort in teaching the students and this made the students lag behind in their education.
     This was not the only thing that happened. There were so many things, but the worst of all was when the rebels started killing the people, cutting off their ears, feet and hands. A man called Foday Sankoh who had no reason for doing this was encouraging the war. Maybe it was for fun, maybe for him to become the president, who knows? Only God knows.
This was not the only thing he did. He also destroyed people’s houses, property, cars, shops, etc. when he was done with the villages, he then moved to the city of Freetown with his troops of soldiers where they tried to overthrow the president. And this was the area in which my family and I lived. But many innocent people were killed and their houses were burnt down during the war.
     Then the war lessened and things like education came back to normal. But since Foday Sankoh was not caught, he kept destroying. Soldiers were sent from Nigeria to help the Sierra Leoneans, which made life for them both easier and harder in a way that everyone had to be in their house before six. By this time most of Foday Sankoh’s soldiers were killed and he was captured and imprisoned. Who knows if he is still alive? Sierra Leone is now experiencing peace.


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