Contributions from Sinai High School in Huanchaco, Peru

My School
By Carlos Estrada
     My school is small. It has one lab and two playgrounds. My school is in Huanchaco. Its name is “Sinai.” It was founded 13 years ago. The founder is Miss Eva Vaquez De Gallo. She lives in the U.S.A. The anniversary of my school is in October, the second week. My school is Catholic and private. Sinai has discipline and we have good teachers. My teachers of the Sinai High School secondary level are Mr. Victor Zavaleta, Miss Ana Guerrero, Mr. Marcos Machuca, Miss Raquel Calderon, Mr. Zinder Vera, Mr. Josias Calderon, and Miss Monica Arista.

My Neighborhood
By Miguel Quinones
     I live in Laslomas-Huanchaco. My house has one floor. I live with my mother, father, sister, grandmother, grandfather, and my dogs. I have many neighbors. We play soccer on the street. On the corner near my house there is a play station and a billiard house. Across my house there is a mini market. In the back of my house lives my uncle.


By Julio Parades
     There is a place in the world where you can relax, have some fun and forget your problems. This place is Huan Chaco beach. It is located 16 Km from Trujillo city. Maybe a lot of people do not know where is Huan Chaco but is a well-known place in Peru. Huan Chaco has a lot customers and festivities. One of them is celebrated on June 29th. There is a small boat called “Patacho” which is put on the sea with the image of Saint Peter and at the end of the day the image is returned to its place. If your choice is sports, you can go swimming and surfing or any other outdoor sport you want.

More on Huanchaco

By Maarten Staring
     Huanchaco has so many things to see, because it has nice beaches. What Huanchaco has and attracts tourists is “Malecon.” There are also many restaurants and there is a fair where you can buy many kinds of handicrafts and pottery. All the people swim in the beach. In Huanchaco there are surf competitions. Come to Huanchaco and have a nice afternoon with your family.

My Family

By Luz Marina
     My family is as big as my friend Lucy’s. We are four members, mother, father, sister and I. We are very happy at home. Our house is big and we have one pet. Its name is Dolly. It is very beautiful. She is a Chow-Chow. My mother is 32 years old and my father is 39 years old, my sister is 2 years old and I am 15. My grandfather is Andres and my grandfather is Marina. I have 8 uncles in Huanchaco, but in Trujillo I have a lot. In the morning my parents work. My mother is a teacher and my father is a teacher, too. I am a student at Sinai High School.


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