Remembering When We Came to the U.S.

David V.
     My trip to U.S.A. was like a gift for me. My mom and dad told me about my trip and I was like “Oh my God! Oh my God!” And I was thinking about my trip every day.
     I prepared for my trip. I prepared my clothes and all my things. For my trip I also prepared all my books. Before I left I had a party with my friends.
     On the day I left I was feeling really bad. I went to my friend’s house. Also I told my ex girlfriend, “I will be back with you.” At 3 o’clock P.M. it was the time to leave the airport. The day I left I was crying.

Delmy V.
     I am going to tell you about my trip when I left my country. In 1999 my parents asked me if I would like to live in the United States. I was so happy to live in U.S.A, but I felt so sad because I had to leave my mother and my father also I had to leave my best friend.
     I decided to leave my country in 2000 and come to live in the U.S.A. My best friend was so sad because we would not be together anymore. She made a party for me and all my best friends said good-bye to me.
     I left my house like 6:30 in the morning. I rode in the airplane at 12:00 P.M. and I came to the U.S.A at 5:00 P.M.. My older brother was waiting for me. I was so happy to meet him because I didn’t see him for a long time because when he left our country, I was two years old and didn’t remember anything about him. The first day in U.S.A was so interesting.

Feven W.

     The first time when I was playing with my friend my dad called me on the phone. He told me, “You and your mother, sister and your brother, after six days, you are coming to U.S.” I felt good and happy because I was missing my dad so much for three years. After five minutes I went to call my friend and my friend said, “We will miss you all the time.”
     That time I started to prepare my clothes and my friends presents my favorites books and camera. My brother prepared his own clothes. My sister did that, too, and my mother prepared her own clothes.
     After six days, we said good-bye to our grandmothers, grandfather and our other family, and my friends too. We went to the airport. We sat for a few hours to wait for the airplane.
     The airplane came after we were waiting. We started to fly to Yemen. I really liked to go by airplane but was a little nervous. After six hours I was in Germany and I changed airplanes to come to the U.S. I hated some food and some drinks on the airplane. I finished flying at eight p.m. I was happy to find my father.

Naomi F.
     I am going to tell you about my trip to the USA. It began on February 6, 2002. My mother told me we had to go to the USA next week. I was so angry my face looked like a tomato. I thought about my friends, first. When she told me I didn’t believe her because before that time my father called my house and he didn’t say anything about it. When she showed me the passport, then I believed her.
     I prepared to come in the USA on Saturday morning. When we went to the airport with our bags, I was crying like an ocean with my best friend. At 8:30 we got inside the airport. We paid for everything. The announcer told us the airplane was coming. We got on the airplane. After 20 minutes the airplane was flying. I saw everything in the airplane
     After 17 hours we arrived in the USA. When I was reunited with father, my uncles, cousins, and my friends. I was so happy.


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