Meeting Our Classmates: An ESOL 2 Interview Project

Mirian interviewed Laura.

I’m Mirian and I interviewed my friend. Her name is Laura Vaca. She is 16 years old. Her birthday is on October 14, in 1985. Her nationality is Bolivian. She likes to play volleyball. She has been living in the United States only one year and if she had $1,000 she would like to open an account to put her money in the bank. Her middle name is Angelica.
     Laura’s favorite food is pizza and lasagna. She likes to drink Sprite soda. Her favorite colors are yellow, white and black. Her mother’s name is Lourdes and she lives here too. She likes her school because it is bigger and she likes to study in class and in her home too.
     Laura wakes up at 6:00 a.m. When she listens to music she feels more sentimental. She loves jewelry. She likes to do homework very neatly. She doesn’t like to discuss people and she loves babies. She likes to go shopping and she likes decorations too.
     I’m Laura Vaca and my story is about Mirian Saravia. She is 18 years old. She was born on July 25, 1983 and her nationality is Salvadorian.
     Mirian has three brothers and two sisters. Her mother’s name is Maribel and her father’s name is Esteban. She came to the United States in September 7, 2000. Her first day in the United States was terrible. Now she lives on Piney Branch Road. She thinks the United States is a very nice place because in this country the people have more opportunities.
     She likes to speak 2 languages, Spanish in the house and English in the school. She wakes up at 5:00 am to go to school. Her favorite class is ESOL because she likes English and she likes to study in the class. She likes the school because it is big and she comes to school every day.
     Her favorite food is roaster chicken and pupusas. She likes to drink apple juice.
     She likes to play volleyball and she likes the romantic music. She likes blue and purple colors. She likes to have parties with her friends.
     If she has $1,000 she would put the money in the bank for her future to go to the university.That is all the information I learned from my interview with Mirian Saravia.

Abdulkadir interviewed Matiwos.

     Hi! My name is Abdulkadir and I am going to tell you about the person I interviewed last Wednesday. His name is Matiwos. He is 15 years old. His birthday is May 19, 1987. He is from Africa. His nationality is Eritrean. He speaks three languages; English, Amharic and Eritrean. He has a girlfriend. He is a lover. He is friendly. He has lived in the United States for one year and a half.
     Matiwos lives with his parents – his mother and his dad. Matiwos has two sisters and he doesn’t have any brothers. His family has lived on Maple Ave. in Takoma Park for a year and a half.
     Matiwos likes Blair High School. He has four classes everyday. His favorite class is math. He likes to have a cell phone in class. He likes to study. He likes to do his homework. When his teachers talk to him, he doesn’t talk back to them.
     Matiwos likes sports. His favorite sport is soccer. He likes to play with his friends every Saturday and Sunday. His favorite food is chicken.
     I got the information I was trying to get from him.
     I am Matiwos and I interviewed Abdul. He comes from Somalia. He speaks Somalian and English. He has lived in the Untied States for one year and one month. He was born in 1985 and he is 17 years old.

     Abdul lives with his family. He lives with his mom, dad, sisters and brothers. He has three sisters and three brothers. His favorite sport is soccer. His favorite food is rice and vegetables. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. He likes to do fun dances, play with other people, and listen to music. His favorite singer is Eminem. He is in 10th grade in Blair High School.
     When he finishes high school, he wants to go to college. He likes to study to be a doctor because his favorite subject is science and math. If he had $1,000 he would keep it in the bank to pay for college when he finishes high school. When he finishes at the university, he will visit his country and his friends in Somalia. I think this is in East Africa.
     I think you should know about him now.

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