Meet Marisol Cortez, a Custodian Attending College

Marisol Cortez works in Blair H.S. as a custodian. Her job as a custodian is helping her pay her college tuition. After she finishes her day job at Blair, she goes to Montgomery College where she is taking English classes.


By Tadese Measho
     Do you know Marisol Cortez? You might see her in Montgomery Blair High School cleaning the building during lunch A or lunch B. But Marisol does not think only about cleaning work. Marisol thinks about school work, too, because she is a college student at Montgomery College.
     Marisol Cortez came to the U.S. almost two years ago. When she first came to America from El Salvador she didn’t speak English very well. That was a big problem for her.
     Now she is working in Blair cleaning the entire building the whole day. It is a job that is helping her make her college dream come true. “I clean the building because I have to get money to pay my college,” she said.
     It was not easy for her to find a good job so she could get the money to pay to for college. She used to work in another place for a while but they gave her hours that weren’t good for her. Now she feels good sometimes about America because she has the best opportunity to get her education that she wants.
     Sometimes there is a lot of work cleaning the building because Blair is a very big school. But she likes her job because she has all the benefits like health insurance and sick leave that all the teachers and other staff get.
     She isn’t planning to go back to El Salvador soon because the country is not in a good position right now. “But one thing I can do is get an education here and help my country. That is the last choice I have left,” she said.
     She has the same problems that many students who come from other countries have. She does not have many friends. Another problem is that her work is far from her school and it takes her a long time to get to work.
     But she tries to have time to do her favorite thing. She likes to go running every day. Running makes her feel good.


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