Latin Countries Are Not the Same

By Flor Torres
     Many of us in Blair speak Spanish as our original language. Maybe some people who speak Spanish have the same traditions, music, and vocabulary. But really, Spanish-speaking countries have many differences from each other.
     One difference is the favorite sport for the countries. In El Salvador for example the most popular sport is soccer. It is important in some other countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica. But soccer is not the most important sport in every country. In Nicaragua the first is baseball. It’s the same in the Dominican Republic because baseball is their best sport.
     Food is very different in Central American and South American countries, too. “In our countries we grow the same food, but we have many ways to cook it,” said Brenda Cruz For example in the Dominican Republic the way they cook plantains is they boil it. But in El Salvador it is common to fry plantains.
     Another difference is that we use different words for the same thing. For example in the Dominican Republic “guagua” is the word for “bus.” But in El Salvador they call a bus “un bus.” Another example is “funda,” the word for “bag” in the Dominican Republic. But in El Salvador the word for “bag” is “bolsa.”
     How the countries enforce the laws is different. According to Maria Rodriguez who is from Colombia, it is difficult to get a license to drive a car in Colombia. Also if the police stop you without a license, you’ll have a big problem. But in El Salvador it’s not hard to get a license. Also it’s not a problem to drive without a license. If the police stop you, just pay some money, like $20, and then you can go.
     There are many more things that are different in Spanish-speaking countries like traditions, holidays, and music. But now you know some of the things that are different.


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