Letters to a Member of Congress: “Please Support Us”

Ms. Gutierrez has a writing conference with Edith Flores while Concepcion Bermudez waits her turn. Edith, Concepcion, and the other students in ESOL 4 wrote letters to Congresswomen Connie Morella about a new law they want her to support.

From the Letter of Anjana Luitel

     Hi, Mrs. Morella. I am Anjana Luitel from Nepal. I have been living in the USA for one year. In this short time I have noticed that the USA is full of eager immigrants. Unfortunately, I have also noticed that there are lots of immigrant youth who have many problems to go college because of finances. For example, there are so many talented immigrants here, but because of expensive education in college, they cannot get higher education as their desire.
     I know that I will have to face that problem, too. My parents do not have enough money to support my family; therefore, it would be difficult for me to go to college. I want to go to college, just as other immigrant youth do. This is my right; therefore, I kindly request you to support the new legislation called the “DREAM ACT” which gives us the opportunity to go college.
     As I said this country is full immigrants; therefore, you have to think that these immigrant youth are future generation of this country. What will happen if you don’t let them attend college? The country will not be successful as now because of lower opportunity of higher education. You have to think about this country’s future.
     If you support this DREAM ACT, we will be able to attend college. We will be able to handle this nation as you do. Our dream of going to college will come true.


From the Letter of Edith Flores

     My name is Edith and I’m in the last year of high school. After high school, I would like to study business administration. I really want to succeed in this country, but I know that I will face financial difficulties paying for college. That’s why I would like to request your support for this law to open access to college for all the Hispanic and other students who really want to study hard in the United States. For those of us without papers, it also allows us the opportunity to obtain residency or citizenship, enabling us to contribute fully to our society.
     Every day, I wake up at five o’clock to prepare for school and to try to do my best in the my best in each class. I also dedicate a lot of time for homework and projects. Of course I get good grades and my GPA is high. Unfortunately, when I think about college I’m not sure that I will be able to go because I only have temporary protective status in this country and I can’t apply for scholarships or loans. My parents can’t help me either because they work hard only to pay all the bills and the rest they spend on food. When I start to think about that I think it is an unfair. If I get the opportunity, I will really take studies at the university very seriously
     The Dream Act is a critical bill, not only for me and for all immigrant students, but also for the whole nation. This piece of legislation will help to increase the economy of this country. If this bill becomes a law, then the county will have more students continuing their studies and after a while they will have better jobs and more money. Consequently they will have to pay more taxes to the country. The more money we earn, the more we will give to our country, America. I think that there are many reasons to support the Dream Act. It is just fair that we, Hispanics and other immigrant students, have the right to pursue a higher level of education.

From the Letter of Karen Zavala

     My name is Karen Zavala I have been in this country for two years. I’m in 12th grade at Montgomery Blair High School and I’m planning to go to college next year. I came from El Salvador to achieve a dream that both my mother and I share. My dream is to be a professional teacher to help others. However to accomplish this dream I need to have the opportunity to go to college. My mother has been working very hard in this country for 13 years to give me a better future. The best way that I think to repay her for everything she has done for me is to become someone important in this society. I promise if you help to pass this bill every immigrant will have the opportunity to go to college, so our dreams can be true. That way in thefuture we will be able to help the entire nation to be more productive because if more students have the opportunity to go to college there will be more professional people in this country.      Also, I think if more Hispanics and immigrants have the opportunity to study, there will be less discrimination for us because one of the most important reasons why we are discriminated against is because we are a big population in this country, but just a few of us are professionals. The stereotype that America has for Hispanics is that we are ignorant and lazy, that the only thing that we can do is clean. But that is not true! My mother is the living proof that we are not lazy. But to become more than a cleaner is to have the opportunity that she never had because her parents were very poor. If it is in your hands to help people like me, I implore you to do it. The whole nation will be proud to have people like you in this country fighting for the rights of us, the immigrants.
     I encourage you to support the DREAM ACT, and help us by making higher education more affordable.

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