Dream Act Supports Immigrant Students

By Tadese Measho
     The government is considering a new law that will help the students from other countries who don’t have papers to be in the U.S. The law will let these students who have been in the U.S. for five years receive financial aid for college and also apply for U.S. citizenship.
     Ms. Gutierrez, an ESOL 4 teacher, thought the law is very important for students. To give students a good writing activity, she and Ms. Cohen, another ESOL 4 teacher, came up with the idea to ask their students to write letters to Congresswoman Connie Morella about this law. They believe passing the law will change the lives of a lot of students.
     When Ms. Gutierrez asked her students to write the letters they were very excited. “I thought this would help approve the law,” Maria Torres said. Ms. Gutierrez said that Congresswoman Morella would write back to them, but some didn’t believe her.
     The students were happy when many got letters from Congresswoman Morella. “When I got the letter from her my family was proud of me,” Amanuel Berku said.
     Ms. Gutierrez said, “In some countries they don’t use this kind of way to change the law or create a new law.” She said that now in this country a lot of immigrants are unwelcome because people are afraid of terrorists and not trusting each other.      “Maybe this idea will help the ESOL students learn how the laws work in this country and how they can change the laws,” she said.

(Please read the letters that students wrote to Congresswoman Morella about the Dream Act.)


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