Students in Gymnasium Wandlitz's Class: Tell Us about Their School in Germany

During the past year, students on the Silver International staff and Mrs. Silvio's Spanish classes have been communicating with students at Gymnasium Wandlitz, a high school near Berlin, Germany. Besides sending e-mail messages, we also sent photos of Blair. In response, students in Mrs. Ute Nowak's English class sent us letters about their school. We have taken a little part from each letter.

Our School

Now we've got the honorable task to write you something about our school. You absolutely can't compare it with your school, but in principle I like it. Our school is, in contrast to your school, very, very little.



At first I want to say that I like this school very much; the pupils are very friendly and tolerant and the teachers are really human. It isn't so that the teachers are your enemy or something like that, you can talk with them in a friendly way.



We have 56 teachers and only 850 students. I have to admit it's not very much, but so we all belong to each other like a small family. Everybody knows everybody.



Our school isn't able to buy the best equipment for the students, but we can be proud of our student-teacher relations. Some people who don't visit our school say that the ambiance is like in a family.


The Buildings and Equipment

Our school has four buildings and they're located at two different places. The main buildings are in Wandlitz and another one is in Bernau, which is four kilometers away. Because of this situation many buses catch us from Wandlitz to Bernau.

Steffen S., Philip B, Sander S, and Fabian F.

Although the material situation is so bad, many new students want to go to our school. So we have the two buildings. Sometimes it is very strenuous to go from one building to the other but that doesn't matter.


We have to build this new building because the number of pupils became higher. Our gym is in this area, too. It's not our gym only, it because it's much bigger than a normal gym. It is a part of a tennis academy.



In our building there is our cantine [cafeteria] for about 80 people, our foyer and our festival hall "Aula," for theater-plays, concerts and so on.


The Classes

We have 32 hours a week from Monday till Friday. Sometimes we have 8 lessons a day, but regulary are 6 lessons a day. Our subjects are history, art, mathematics, English, French, chemistry, German, physics, compulsory subjects, geography, music, sports, political education, and working lessons.

Anja., Katrin, Nicole B.

We are a language-arts-school. That means our pupils are allowed to learn languages like English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Latin. If you learn a language you can practice it in different ways. For example pupils exchange between countries, writing letters (like with you) and posters from others cultures and customs.

Kathleen R. and Kathleen M.


In our school we have some other subjects as you. For example "PB" - political studies. In this subject we learn something about the politics and about constitutions from countries.

Andree and Christian


We leave a little shop where the students can buy their lunch or they eat in the cantine.

Christina and Tina


Near that school is a supermarket but we're not allowed to go there. So if we don't want to suffer from hunger, we have to take some food from home with us.


Other Things

More over we've got some study groups which you can do after school. For examples drama, volleyball, radio, video, newspaper and so on. Sometimes we have parties for foreign pupils.

Isabel, Mandy, Franzisha


We have a newspaper which is from pupils for pupils. It's called "SCHON", in English it's called "LOVELY."

Sandra, Anja, Susi, and Marie.


Our school is not very rich and we must fight against the planned closing because in a neighbor town, a completely new school was built.

Sebastian, Arne, Pascal, Patrick, Sven


We are very impressed about your school! It must be great to go there. We appreciate that we have a relationship with your school.

Tine, Conny, Bruckni

(Sorry, Wandlitz, if we misspelled your names or left some of them out. Some were a little hard to read.)

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