We Should Stop Making Nuclear Weapons

By Elhussain Soarkati

My topic is nuclear weapons. I strongly believe that the world should not only stop making nuclear weapons, but also destroy all the nuclear weapons available in the whole world.

The first reason is because nuclear weapons are extremely destructive weapons. The lives of people and other living creatures on the earth are threatened by sudden death. Those who are lucky to survive a nuclear attack will have serious and disabilities. For example, many people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cities in Japan destroyed by American nuclear weapons, later developed terrible problems.

The second reason in that the world is wasting billions and billions of dollars by making nuclear weapons. This money could be used for development and to improve the lives of many people. Rich countries would be much richer and more able to help other poor countries.

One more reason in that if countries didn't have nuclear weapons, perhaps they wouldn't think so much about war. For example, India and Pakistan developed nuclear weapons. Now, they are in a conflict concerning Kashmir, and people think they might use the nuclear weapons.

I conclude that, the world would be a more peaceful place if countries would stop making nuclear weapons. If we destroyed the nuclear weapons that now exist, we could use our resources to make life better for many people.  

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